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  1. It can see fine in the day like most cameras but at night the picture is very grainy. Items that are close to the camera, approximately 20ft away a still very grainy when it is dark outside. Any solutions to resolve it? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Any Inconvenience in Running Surveillance Security Systems?? Please feel free to share with us!
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    Freezing in Florida

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    New To CCTV

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  7. should be 540 tvlines weatherproof bullet camera with above 50ft IR night vision
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    Suggestions For A Driveway Camera ??

    For driveway, The weatherproof vari-focal outdoor bullet....
  9. What's your budget for 8 Channels H.264 Real Time Video Audio Network 8CH DVR Card ?
  10. Actually, the standalone dvr system has longer performance life, and some support Iphone remote live view!
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  13. Hi suky see you have changed your company name again. mmmmmm and a high speed dome on a jet aircraft Stop trying to sell your products and read the posts and try to help Lol, you are quite professional on trying to sell your products and to help.
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    advise on dvr

    Con you specify your requirement of the DVR and cameras: Here comes with my suggestions: 1. DVR H.264(Remote access needed) or MPEG4(only local storage )? Resolution(D1, Half D1) 500GB HD / 1TB HD ? 3G mobile remote access? 2. Camera: Viewing angle? Visible distance? Hope it helps!
  15. The great high speed dome camera would be a help for tracking objects!