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  1. CCTVDude


    Ok, list updated. Please someone buy all this crap. My wife is gunna KILL ME if i doesn't get out of the closet!
  2. CCTVDude


    K, list updated!
  3. Sorry if this isn't the right forum, I didn't see a better one... I tried to reply to a PM, and it shows my reply message in my Outbox, but I see no way to 'Send' it. Am I just missing it? Or will it send automatically at some point??? Thx for the help!
  4. CCTVDude


    Ok, I'm no longer selling cams, DVR's & stuff so it's time to get rid of the rest of the inventory. Here is a list of the stuff I'd like to sell. Whether you are interested in a piece or everything, contact me and we'll see if we can make a deal. Most items were demos, and everything unless noted is used but in great condition. Items removed as sold. GEOVISION: GV 600-4 V3 Audio - New - With Book & Cables Black Octi-Cable, 1-8 Blue Octi-Cable, 9-16 (x2) GV-NET Card GV-Audio Daughter Boards (x4) Original Software CD's (x5+) Original Manuals (x3) Video Splitter - 1 in 9 out - great for test benches. AC Adaptor. ADAPTORS: BNC to RCA(f) (x32) BNC to RG-59 Twist (x6) RCA(f) to RCA(f) (x5) BNC to BNC Splitter - 'T' (x3) BNC to BNC Coupler - 'Barrel' (x2) CABLES: 1 ft RCA Single Patch Cables (x14) (some are longer) 1 ft RCA Double Patch Cables (x3) (some are longer) 1 ft BNC Patch Cable (x3) BNC Tool - Great for getting BNC's on or off in a tight spot! POWER SUPPLIES: 12v 400 mA (x9) 12v 300 mA (x12) 12v 1A w/ Leads, LED 12v 1A w/ Plug, LED 24v 20va w/ LED MOUNTS: 3" Mini Mount (x3) (1 new in box/2 slightly used) 7" Mount (x3) (New in box) LENS: 8mm Auto Iris, 1:1.2 CS 3.5-8mm Manual Iris, 1:1.4 CS 3-8mm Auto Iris, F 1.0 8mm Manual Iris 2.8-12mm Auto Iris CAMS: Sony Super HAD, SSC-DC174 (New in box) OEM Day/Night Pro w/ full dip-switches 480 lines (x2) Day/Night Camera w/ Integrated Lens & 268X Zoom, digital menus, negative view (great for license plate capture) Color Pro Cam w/ X-View Chip - Super Low LUX B/W w/ 6 LED, Super Low Lux, WATERPROOF, Attached 50M cable HOUSINGS: Clamshell Housings w/ Heater & Fan (x2) (New) QUAD: Eclipse 4 Channel Color Quad - Full Function (New in box) WIRELESS: 2.4 GHz Transmitter - 4 Security Channels - AC Adaptor & 2 Battery Caddies 2.4 GHz Receiver - 4 Security Channels (x4) THANKS!!!
  5. CCTVDude

    GV Log Error - HELP!

    Yes, everything is in one big partition, I cleared some space and now all is fine... I was thinking about formatting, but maybe I'll give Partition Magic a try... thx
  6. CCTVDude

    GV Log Error - HELP!

    I have a GV-800 running w/ ver 7.04. It was running fine for months, but now I get an error every few minutes that says: "No new entry will be added to System Log if the storage capacity of the system log is lower then requirement" What does this mean exactly? Am I just running out of space?
  7. Does the card have Audio support? If so is it enabled? Like with the Grovision cards, when Audo is enabled, the capture resolution is limited...
  8. I have to format a machine and reload windows and Geo. Is there a way to backup all the Geo config info (users, camera names, ptz settings, etc) so I can put it back easily? Or does it have to be done manually?
  9. We are putting together a CCTV company that plans on outsourcing the tech support calls. We are looking for people with practical CCTV experience (especially GeoVision) to be there as Tech Support but with Customer Service in mind. The plan is to have an 800# that rings to 2-3 tech support people silmutaneously and who ever answers first gets the call. You then help the customer as best you can and get paid per minute by us at the end of the month. It is still early and it hasn't been hammered out exactly, but the plan is to pay based on $25-$30/hour. So, if you are dependable, know what you're doing and could use some extra cash, please PM me for more info. Thanks!
  10. CCTVDude

    Coolest / Most Impressive Job

    Very Nice! I wasn't trying to say we're the best around or anything. Just wondering what other cool jobs other people did... We are about to do another for the same people but with wireless telemitry for the ptz... fun stuff!!!
  11. CCTVDude

    Coolest / Most Impressive Job

    Lots of talk fellas, let's see some pics!
  12. Just wondering what type of extreem jobs you guys have done. One of the coolest we did is this one. We put a PTZ on solar out in the middle of nowhere. Wireless video back to the DVR in the construction trailer like 1 mile away. Have a PTZ keyboard & LCD in a box at the base for manual aiming by the job site foreman. And of course the DVR is online with a T1 for the project manager in NY to play with the PTZ. Also when we did this, the crane installing the cement pole sunk in the everglades swamp and had to be rescued by a helicopter (sorry I don't have pics of that). Anyone top this?
  13. CCTVDude

    Cat-5 vs. Cat-6

    Ok then, with all the info here, I think this is the plan: For 900-1000' run, I going to try Cat-5e, with a solid core. Passive transmitting Balun / Active receiving Balun. Thx for the help. I'll post the results.