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  1. This is just to let you know NFPA states any life safety device shall work as a life safety device with that said if it looks like a smoke detector then it has to work as a smoke detector. Which means if you put it up you are the responsible party in case a fire.
  2. crirvine

    WiFi and DVR/NVR

    I am running 100mb constant data stream using wireless built for video back haul not some built for home use wireless equipment this is all on a 75 acre plot of land.
  3. crirvine

    Monitor network traffic from IP cameras

    Mikrotek cloudcore routers 12 1GB ports Signamax managed 24 port poe switches CAT 6 backbones CAT 5 to cameras All do the same as CISCO at a lot less cost but you have to learn the Router as it is not programmed out of the box. Not just a lage fan of Ubiquiti equipment yet.
  4. crirvine

    WiFi and DVR/NVR

    Small home office AP wireless routers even g and n are rated at data burst not a constant data stream 802g will only run about 6mb constant done been there and tested this.
  5. crirvine

    Monitor network traffic from IP cameras

    I use managed POE switches and High End Routers Firewalls. With this setup I see data per port tx rx. Running this setup with a 90 camera IP system feeding my servers with a 300MB plus data stream. Try getting that out of your small home office routers and switches.
  6. Yes you need a license to work as a CCTV installer Burglar Alarm installer Fire Alarm installer Access Control installer. You are in violation of state law with a fine of up to $5,000.00 per violation. Here is the link http://www.state.tn.us/sos/rules/0090/0090-01.pdf You also have to have a Shelby County low voltage license to pull low voltage wire in Memphis and Shelby County.
  7. crirvine


    Goodluck by the way you might want to check in to the laws in your state. You have to be a licensed cctv installer in our state as in most states doing work in this field in those states can cost you large fines. Also Axis Camera Station (which I have tried in our shop is very limited and not a very user friendley) As stated above PTZ cameras are good for use in live viewing the size building you are looking at cover all exits with cameras and all high dollar vallue areas sounds like you need a pro install.
  8. I found onssi very power hungry and very unstable switched the system over to Video Insight and have had no problems. ONNSI ties lic# to mac address you loose a camera pain to swap over the weekend in a mission critical setting. Video Insight you buy cam lic#'s not tied to mac address just delete and remove bad camera put up new one add to system no problems 48 camera system with 5 are Axis ptzs no problem controlling.
  9. Digimerge has a MAC compatable standalone DVR. You might look into them.
  10. Soundy the AHJ might want the control panel and power supply covered by smoke detectors due to it being part of the fire system now also. I would call the AHJ and alarm contractor to make sure all bases are covered.
  11. Have you looked at the poer supply with a volt meter or have you used an oscilloscope and looked for ripple voltage. Filter capacitor leaks will not show up on a volt meter also POE works great.
  12. crirvine

    hikvision ds-7204

    I see said the blind man sorry
  13. crirvine

    hikvision ds-7204

    No adds pay for adds
  14. Sounds like a trashy POE power supply and how long is the run of cat 5 if it is over 300 feet you are lucky to see anything. Site planning folks not all cameras are equal 221 low light 210 bright light. backlight setting outdoor light indoor light shutter speed ect. Did you install this system the first time what standard pin out did you use for rj45?
  15. crirvine

    hikvision ds-7204

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