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  1. Howdy. I should read this forum more often. Can you give details about the high framerate mode of the 8MP H4 line? For example, comparing the 8.0-H4A-D1 to the Axis P1428-E, is there any compromise on framerate, and if so, what is it? I don't know much about the SL, but I'm sure I'm going to be researching that soon enough. I am having to give up on the H4Pro because I need to use with Synology. I would be able to use ACC except that I need access to the mp4 files saved by Surveillance Station, and it seems that the internal format of ACC is not as open. We don't have time to do the ACC SDK as we have a near-term date looming. I appreciate all the info, big M! Wait just now realizing this post is 366 days old not 1. http://avigilon.com/products/video-surveillance/cameras/hd-cameras/documentation/
  2. I am in Canada too and I have tons of HIK turrets working below -30C I am in Alberta
  3. I just had the same problem with 8 mp HIk new camera firmware fixed problem
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    Dealer and Business access

    Dealer forum kinda dead very few posts in few month
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    Presence detector ( about $2000-3000) which will cut off power to the camera
  6. ak357

    Preschool security design

    Trust me ..... kids start to learn the minute there born. Earlier the better for preschool You don't want your kids on making the mistake of going through the process registering to a CCTV forum to ask about there kids future. I hope this helps http://www.parents.com/toddlers-preschoolers/starting-preschool/curriculum/why-preschool-matters/ +1
  7. Let's start with upgrading ACC to latest version
  8. IR Extender using RF probably
  9. It's probably lot cheaper to buy TVI standalone DVR and use with your Analog cameras
  10. Hello. On a PC at the location of the IP camera type into your search engine, "what is my IP" That should return to you the public IP address which is the address you want to use when you are away from the camera. if that still is not working then you may have to check the router and somehow forward the IP camera port so the connection works both inside and outside the network. Nothing personal GadgetA but you misunderstand OP request
  11. Thanks for the offer to help. That's the thing, I know the IP address and the port with certainty. The CMS software can scan IP addresses, and sees the correct one with the correct port, and connects to it without issue. I can enter that same IP address and port number into vMEyeSuper HD, and it connects beautifully as well. I just need to know what complete URL either the app or the CMS software are using to access the stream since none of the typical ones that I've tried in iSpy are working. Any other ideas? I'm open to trying pretty much anything to track this down. Maybe will help http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/urlsnooper/index.html
  12. I disabled motion detection on all cameras and now the CPU usage is around 8-10% or less instead of 100% all the time. I changed the default view from all 8 cameras to 4. The CPU still gets pegged at 100% when I view from the mobile app. Can u switch motion detection to camera side?
  13. "That's why we are looking for a wifi ip camera that can, by itself, stream 20 seconds video every 25 minutes" I am sure the functionality u want has to be server side meaning u have to develop app for it
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    DVR Webclient update

    here is link for you https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/52.0.1esr/releasenotes/ https://community.webroot.com/t5/Security-Industry-News/Mozilla-Firefox-52-0-1-Final-ESR/td-p/287572
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    DVR Webclient update

    Firefox Setup 52.0.1esr Definitely works
  16. Check out Avigilon (avigilon.com) if u need to support Analog cams they have encoders
  17. ak357

    DVR Webclient update

    I just checked works no problem
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    DVR Webclient update

    Get Firefox Setup 52.0.1esr It is the last ver which still works (support NPAPI plugin )
  19. "typically a 1080 picture is 2MP, which has a 4:3 ratio" Are u sure it is not 16:9?
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    POE Cam IP Traffic isolation options

    Boogie relax I think OP just want to separate traffic
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    POE Cam IP Traffic isolation options

    Almost all HIK NVR have 2 NIC cards One for cameras second for LAN and your traffic completely separated
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    Design question

    Yes, Ubiquiti radios will easily do what u want