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  1. For all Dahua Lovers dahua-backdoor https://github.com/mcw0/PoC/blob/master/dahua-backdoor.txt
  2. ak357

    Security system help in selection.

    Can u use IP radios with cameras? When did u see -40 in Alberta last time? I am in Edmonton
  3. ak357

    Outdoor rated switches

    Have u ever try to use reg Sw inside the box without the heater? I mean in sub-zero temperatures
  4. ak357

    network tester

    Thx for info I like this one ByteBrothers RWC1000 Real World Certifiers
  5. ak357

    12V DC Power splitter query

    No way! if it's working for you that means your cams are dual voltage or you provide wrong info
  6. ak357

    37 Network 2 MP Cameras project (Looking for advice)

    Nothing personal, but how can u do 37 cams job without basic knowledge?
  7. ak357

    37 Network 2 MP Cameras project (Looking for advice)

    Your server should have 2 network cards one for cam subnet second for corp LAN if u know what I mean
  8. ak357

    Motion Detection and Avigilon

    Only Avigilon cam can be configured 100% from/within Avigilon client
  9. ak357

    Motion Detection and Avigilon

    It's call camera side motion detection
  10. ak357

    Motion Detection and Avigilon

    You have to log into camera GUI and make sure motion is activated then check if Avigilon receive motion alerts from camera
  11. ak357

    P2P connection IP camera

    HIK IVMS 4200 will work using P2P
  12. ak357

    P2P connection IP camera

    not really P2P for DVR/cameras does use central server
  13. ak357

    AHD camera, moving objects blurry at night

    Most likely Analog and AHD have different shutter speed Can u control shutter on AHD camera?
  14. Nanostation or Nanobeams will be just fine
  15. http://lmgtfy.com/?iie=1&q=Ubiquiti+radio
  16. 2 Ubiquiti IP radio One as Station another as AP and u done
  17. ak357

    Avigilon camera server.

    What the big deal build your own server
  18. ak357

    Network Connected Sirens

    Wow welcome back fa chris
  19. ak357


    You can still add Domain using HiDDNs but no management
  20. ak357

    Looking to purchase - VideoIQ surface mount

    Good luck finding them too old better replace them with a current product and u will have lots of choices
  21. ak357

    Advice needed

    just for fun look what more pix can do for you
  22. ak357

    Advice needed

    And if 1.3MP and 3MP have exactly the same field of view would u agree that u will get more details?