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  1. Hi No, it faces towards him, but with what you have said, here is a thought,…he maybe using his sencer to set off his video and audio when I am at this point, Last week I was visited by the Police with an audio tape said to have been me abusing him, when in fact I was sitting in my car on my drive talking to myself about him, He has put a microphone in his fence at the point where I sit in my car when I park it, and perhaps he activates it at a convenient time by the censor Or am I talking out of my exhaust pipe?
  2. that is a very old B/w micromark 1 camera cctv. and the fence part is an extra sensor. Maxicam PIR floodlight, hidden CCTV camera in a PIR floodlight, black & white picture, plugs into your aerial system via a suuplied modulator (optional) to view on any connected TV, 120 degree PIR sensor detects movement and switches lights ON for approx, 4 minutes (automatic nighttime only), remotecontrol keyfob temporarily switches floodlight ON to see the camera view at night-time, 300watt lamp, 17mts of cable and key fob. Product Code : MM40012 a cheap lasser pen will sort it out could the microphone be in the camera and be set off by the sencer?
  3. Hi It’s been a few weeks because of problems, Do you remember I posted this picture below? I have reason to think it is a hidden microphone; he is taping my voice on my property My question is Doe’s it have to display a sign, is it illegal with out one? PS, sorry, the picture has not come out, it is the one in my firts post
  4. Thank you, I have read all of your comments and help Two weeks ago the Police asked me to remove my CCTV which I did, as said above, They said they asked my neighbour to remove his CCTV which he agreed to, but hasn’t, in fact he has had it upgraded by a local installer, but still only one camera Two weeks on and I have now ignored the Police (What have they done for me?) and had new CCTV of my own installed, Which is- A colour motorised tilt and turn digital camera, on the roof Two Black and White motorised cameras with audio, out the front Four static Black and white cameras with audio, strategicly placed Four monitors, Four video recorders, And a Four way controller all worked and viewed from my office chair (PC room) Now this covers all of the boundary and the front of my home and gardens, I feel quite pleased Do you think I have gone too far? Sue
  5. Yes, all of this is correct, Rory said - Sounds like the police there are morons….which is understandable. I understand some of the Police comments, except when they will not allow me to have a defence A week has past since I removed my camera and his camera is still there, the Police came around last night and said there was nothing they could do to make him take his camera down, but they insisted I was not to put mine up again, Since my camera was taken down I have had lots of abuse and death threats but no video evidence to prove it, Now their son has turned up who smashes up my car and damages everything in my garden I don’t know what to do
  6. The Police have told me not to put my camers there, The implication was – if you do we can’t do anything for you, His camera is invasive but it is the abuse that causes me the fear, If I could get a reliable microphone near his shed and record what he is saying that would help me with the Police, they say they need proof and this would give it Do you have any suggestions please?
  7. They asked him to take his down but he refused, the Police insisted I take mine down so I did
  8. Its because you bought cheap toys. Real wireless CCTV gear is probably not in your budget, nor is it practical in your situation. Take it back and tell the people on the forum what your budget is. They'll try to steer you in the right direction, if possible. I think budget has been over taken by events, I put my cameras up on the side of my home, it looks at his back fence and camera as you see in my pictures above, the Police have just been around and asked me to take then down because he doesn’t like it
  9. Hi sue. your problem is your system being wireless it never works. if you can send it back. you will get problems from mobiles/ wireless routers/ bluetooth / baby monitors / electric gates. Hi Tom SO……. Does that mean that my neighbour is having the same problem with his? they are the same make as mine, as in my pictures above, So .. effectively …I can stop his signal from working too? If he is using the equipment as in the picture And Tom ..I have contacted planning, they say his camera is now subject to planning and will be investigated Thank you
  10. Oooo, lots to answer! I have read them all, just love it,thank you to answer you first Birdman Adam I live out side the City, my boundary is over 100 foot long separating me from him, his house is at the other end from mine, his rear access gate opens near my front door, that is where his camera is which looks in to my home, I bought some CCTV this week, but there are problems, can you help please? It is wireless with 4 channels for 4 cameras, ...2 channels go fuzzy when I watch them, can you tell me why please? Sue
  11. I think some brothers once said “Cruel but fair” that would seem to apply here I think! Any way, his house is 100 yards away, so can’t do the rap or alarm thing, So back to evidence, The Police say- I need to run a camera microphone to the point where he abuses me, about 30 feet away in a straight line to my TV Video recorder, what would be the best way without him knowing please? How can I put a picture of me on my Avatar please?
  12. Hi bpzle Yes hun your are right, the wire cutters are just a bit of fun from the guy’s to lighten up my tension I have tried that approach, can I give you some examples of his response and behaviour please?, I rescued his dog from the main road, his last one was run over, I went and asked him to come and collect his dog, 15 minuets later the Police arrived, he had rang the Police and told them I had stolen his dog, I was very nearly arrested When I get home from work he waits for me at my front door, He shouts abuse and obscenities like O’y you f-ing old slapper,… and My dog fu’ed you up the ar**,… and much more When I go in my garden he plays classical music over the fence so loud that I can’t hear my friends speaking, He has followed me around the supermarket so close that I could hardly put things in the trolley, this man is over 6 foot So back to the light, Yesterday he told the Police that he was not using his camera any more but he is not taking it down, but at night I can see his LED light shining in my CCTV, does that mean that he is viewing from that camera please? Sue
  13. Yes, I have a Honda too Ok, but what about during the day? My guess is that nothing will blind the camera, I like the wire cutter idea! The Police are showing some interest, an Officer specializing in CCTV went there, came back and said- my neighbour had problems putting it together to make it work,……..what do you think? BTW how can I reduce pictures so that I can put them on this Forum? Or should I ask this on another thread?
  14. wire cutters! I like it I like this idea, much easier to get than a 300nm laser Did I tell you I used to live in BC? British Columbia Any way back to the light, so the purpose here it to point a bright or strong light at the lens, have I got that right please?
  15. Blind the camera or disrupt the transmition signal? Sorry, have I misunderstood