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  1. Jack Liu

    Cantonk DVR HELP

    What Can I do for U?My friend?
  2. Hi,Larry. I have some sugesstion for development here Aim As a cooperation,aim need to be clearly in beginning specially for turnning point.I think this is very good forum.This is opportunity for CCTV Forum to review.How about portal? Voting Why not give some more voting with variety topics sometime?All guy can discuss into it.This can be about business,adtisment.You can develop it as a feature here. Yup,let's go on for beautiful tommorw. Cheers Jack.Cantonk
  3. Larry, the only real complaint I see about the forum is the post count requirements for posting links and sending PM's. Is there another way to do it? The current system seems to suggest the spammers won. Personally I would rather delete the occasional spam message from my inbox then see the new guys struggle with posting restrictions on the forum. new guys struggle with posting restrictions on the forum? Oh,So " title="Applause" /> Indeed ,I'm the guy you said.
  4. Jack Liu

    Forum Politics

    I'm just warned. The policy seems to be so suprise. The thing i can sure is advertisement need to be age in this forum.
  5. Jack Liu

    Do you recommand ADI?

    A resounding no! We had many problems with them shipping the wrong parts. For instance, they sent BNC's for RG-58 after we asked for Plenum RG-59 BNC's. First, they kept saying they were the correct BNC's, even after I pointed out the manufacturer's specs. Then they claimed it was our fault for ordering the wrong parts, despite the fact that we had not specified a part number, just what cable we were using. Then they kept billing us for the connectors after we returned them, even after we provided evidence that they had received the returned parts. On top of that, they were rude to both me and our Accounting Department. It's a "good" experience,hehe,maybe there is some misunderstanding
  6. Jack Liu

    Checking in on the Canadians

    This is Highway 2, Calgary to Edmonton on Dec 4......Crazy!!!!! We have fun are you ? So crazy!!
  7. Jack Liu

    Alarm Forum

    Yup,Good suggestion!
  8. Jack Liu

    ISC West

    Any other booth?
  9. Jack Liu

    ISC West

    Our Booth.
  10. Could I know which supplier you are cooperated....?
  11. Jack Liu

    Trojan or not???

    virus,Waooo...check your computer first both software. What something different you made in that day?
  12. Jack Liu

    How to avoid "smart" customers?

    As a salesman,you can't get 100% customers.What you need is almost.Not everyone is smart and smart client need more personal choice because their strong self-mind.If he knows your secret and supply channel,that's ok.. Your supplier should be monitered on your contract. If to other supplier,it's his issues.you don't be worry. Keep contact and familar with him.Friendship are first step to sales. Yup,just think about it. Jack.Cantonk
  13. Jack Liu

    Jack Liu give u more

    All guy are so interesting
  14. Jack Liu

    Jack Liu give u more

    I'm not the first. It's indeed created by Mariah Carey.Touch my body...
  15. Jack Liu

    Jack Liu give u more

    Can we touch you ? Are u for real Yup,I don't like too many guy together. That's too wild. Let's hide.