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  1. Looking at the two it appears they are quite similar. The KCM-5511 has a wider view and 22x zoom f3.2-70.4mm, but the KCM-5611 seems to still have more telephoto at 18x f4.7- 84.6 mm. Other than that, I don't see much difference in the specs.
  2. Are you using IE? I tried Chrome on mine and it will do most things but some things are whacky. Using IE I have no problems at all.
  3. Are cameras mounted high on aluminum light poles likely to sway or vibrate? I was looking at a 32' hollow aluminum light pole laying on blocks. Kicking in the middle induced quite a bit of vibration. It got me wondering if a camera was mounted high on one of them, would there be a lot of movement in the camera?
  4. EarlT

    CNB MIR1000 IR Illuminator

    I bought this and never put it into use. Hooked it up once to test. Basically new. $75 shipped. http://www.cnbtec.com/en/html/product/product.php?seqx_prod=1055
  5. At 380 ft your increasing your chances for spotty service. Is there a way you can add a cheap ethernet hub to reduce the length? I have worked on networks with long 400' runs that worked for years then just quit. New ends didn't bring it back. Switching to a new run usually resolved it. Wire is cheap. If your not wanting to add a hub or extender, run a dedicated line.
  6. EarlT


    Yes, all of their current generation support onvif. As long as your NVR will handle ONVIF your good to go.
  7. Have you tried Acti's IP utility? It's pretty handy in these situations.
  8. Look at the Cisco SF302-08MP for a fanless 10 port switch with 124 watts. 8 POE and 2 Gig non poe. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/switches/ps5718/ps10898/data_sheet_c78-610061.html
  9. EarlT

    PTZ fan?

    I wouldn't worry about it. If it's "designed" to be outdoors then go for it.
  10. I have used VitaminD to monitor the second stream on some cameras. The primary stream is recorded by my primary NVR.
  11. Cat 5e will do gig just fine.
  12. EarlT

    Wanted: KCM-5611 for parts/repair

    Have you checked with ACTI? Open a ticket with them. They have been great to deal with for me. I bet they will repair it for a fair fee.
  13. EarlT

    Wire difference???

    PoE is just using standard network cables and feeding power through it. Siamese is two seperate sets of wire. One for video the other for power. Usually bonded together with seperate connections for power and video at each end.
  14. Too bad Panasonic didn't keep the Sanyo HD line going. I still have pair of them with no plans to retire them.
  15. EarlT

    Avigilon 1MP HD Cameras [eBay]

    Those are the JPEG2000 cameras and will only work with Avigilon Control Center. Good cameras but only for ACC users. I would be cautious to buy from across the pond for that price. If they were $150, might be wort the risk to some.
  16. Those are nice images. I put an IPC-HDB3200C in a clients store last fall and it really does a good job. I just used it in a pinch, but client liked it and was fine with the NO WARRANTY OPTION so we left it. Low cost and quality image are finally achievable. Crossing my fingers and hoping it last at least a year.
  17. I have a new to me Pelco Esprit ES3012 that boots up fine and displays the config but once it finishes the initial positioning and appears to go to the first preset, it then slowly begins to pan left until about the sensor position then pans back. It will do this until I power it off. Back and forth, about 270 degrees. I never get a chance to control it, or get into the menu. It's almost like it goes into patrol, but only moving one axis. I know my RS485 connections are good. I also traced the RX+ and RX- into the housing so I know I'm getting a signal up to the main board. I can also change dip switch settings and the power up menu will reflect the changes. Anyone have a thought?
  18. EarlT

    Pelco Esprit Control Issue

    I no longer have an issue. It was an internal issue and with replacement parts it works fine now. Thanks for the offer.
  19. Search Google for CCTV Corner Mount. There are lots of brackets that give you a decent size flat plate to fabricate your T on.
  20. EarlT

    What has happened to this forum

    With no warranty support for the Dahua branded cameras people need to be aware they are risking their money. At least with the previous low cost darling CNB you could get support. I'm just glad to see ACTI's new offerings. Hopefully people with shift their $ that way and have an actual support system behind them.
  21. If they are in fact Hikvision cameras there's hope it's got some support behind it. When I searched Hikvision ONVIF this link came back which surprised me. http://www.hikvision.com/en/Press-Release-details.asp?id=2205
  22. It would be interesting to know what version ONVIF they run. Is it 2.0 like so many low cost often re-branded offerings?
  23. I have had a D51 at a customer site, and it performs well for a well lit retail site. It's day only. But does a decent job with marginal light. If you want any low light capability I suggest you look at the D55. Not much more but is day/night.
  24. That's nice to know. Not a fan of bugs flocking around the front of my cameras.