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  1. Billy D 1002

    Axis 241Q video servers/encoders

    Have a few Axis video servers I removed from a customer location who went to an all IP solution. Units are in perfect working order and come with the power plugs. Shoot me offers on PM if interested.
  2. Billy D 1002


    PM me if you can get some photos of some/most of the items.
  3. Billy D 1002

    Anybody going to ISC east?

    I will be there but it is a tiny show. Seems to shrink more and more each year...but this year they changed the name so maybe they will try to grow.
  4. Billy D 1002

    intellex software

    Sorry boys, I was away last week. For anyone intersted send me a PM and I can get you the 2.2
  5. Billy D 1002

    intellex software

    I can probably get my hands on 2.2 or 2.4 - I don't think we have anything that old. If you are interested shoot me a message.
  6. What are willing to spend, that is important. A fairy cheap solution I have been pushing is the Speco Tech wall mount series DVR. It works very well and is out of the way when mounted, and nobody really would tamper with it. So far so good with the units I have dealt with and user friendly as well as a viewing app or smartphones.
  7. Billy D 1002

    intellex software

    I maybe have something kicking around that may work. Do you still need this?