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  1. primone

    cctv on blackberry

    i think you may need to download some plug for your phone to view it.
  2. primone

    PMs sit in my out box

    i haven't got any pm for 6 months....
  3. primone

    Is this the best CCTV forum?

    maybe there are ,but in another universe....
  4. primone

    My Apologies

    hope you can come back again.
  5. If you want exact data, you might need special testers. Actually, the most important spec of the camera is its resolution. The chips determine the resolution. When you buy a camera, you should choose the proper CCD and its project. It is not hard to identiy the CCD model.
  6. Some of our customers also have this kind of demands. Frankly, I also want to make this kind of course for my customers.
  7. primone

    Old CCTV

    What I had seen the oldest cameras came from an old fatory. Frankly, I didn't know its real function. I asked the guy. He said that it used for checking radiative things. Horrible
  8. primone

    Anybody going to ISC east?

    Anyone who can suggest some useful Expo in US?
  9. primone

    Friday Funny

    LOL. Funny.
  10. primone

    Just some funny stuff

    LOL. Kind of dirty...
  11. primone

    What is the best CCTV Cameras to use

    There are many choices. It is based on the environment and the needs. You should describe detailedly about the shop. Normally, the shop would use dome cameras and box cameras. For example, if the shop sells diamands, you'd better choose famous brand with high definition, WDR , low illumination function, etc.
  12. primone

    Sony CCD

    Kenny, For the current conditions, you'd better choose a camera with Sony CCD. It's better choice. Based on your budget, if it's enough, you could choose some cameras manufacured by Sony, Panansonic, Samsung, etc. If your want to save money, you could buy some cameras manfactued by China facotory. Indeed, most of the cameras are manufacured in China, even Sony, Samsung and other famous brands. Obviously, no company would manufacture cameras in USA. It costs too much. Andy