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  1. Dr3am

    Mini dome wall mount?

    Just recently installed 32 of them at a business. Mounted them to junction box's in conduit for the exterior of the building. Only thing I didn't like about them is the cheap plastic around case around the eye.
  2. They are just square junction box's found at HD or Lowes. Google it!!!
  3. HAHAHA... Good one.
  4. Sounds like you need a WAYYYYY bigger budget. If you want to run 4 HDD @ 3TB each will run you $500-$600 alone.
  5. I have ran into the same problem with the Cantex brand box's. Depending on how you are getting the Cat5e into the box I use commercial grade clear caulk around the box to mounting surface, Cat5e into the box, and on the cover. I don't even both using there cheap gasket any more. In some cases I have also used it on the camera base onto the cover, usually cheap cameras. Also make sure that the notch on the camera base is facing down. As for the rusted out pigtail you are SOL. There is no possible way to get a new one for a replacement, I have tried with no luck. Only solution is replace the camera. Hope this helps.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Sold on ebay a while ago.
  7. Dr, do you have a link to the firmware. Their sites search function doesn't seem to be working. Just go to the camera you have and it is located at the bottom of the description.
  8. I have installed a few of these and the 1.3 mp. They have veri-focal lens on them. Looks like it needs to be fine tuned a bit. Double check your setting using the web GUI. Also check if you have the newest firmware on it. They just posted a new one on there web site. Good Luck
  9. Up for sale are 2 Dahua IPC-HDW2100 1.3 MP IP Dome surveillance cameras with 3.6 mm lens. They are used with no damage to them. They where used for about 90 days indoors at a site but replaced with vandal domes per customer request. They have been factory reset and tested using a PoE switch and are guaranteed not to be DOA. These have the latest firmware update on them as well. Selling them for $250 Shipped for both. Paypal only. I will send you an invoice. Message me if interested or have any questions.
  10. All of the commercial grade PoE switch's have an allowance of 15.4 watts per port. Use 2-24 port GBE and 1-4 port GBE Zyxel PoE switch's with RJ-45 SFP's to tie the network together. This way it will be a gigabit network. 50 IP camera's is alot so gigabit will def speed it up. I have done it on a 32 channel setup and works alot faster than the first switch's I installed. Good Luck!!!
  11. You can also take the camera apart and have it powder coated. I have done this on a job that required the cameras to be the color of the home. It blended in well. You can't even notice the home has camera's installed.
  12. No input? Figured someone has run into this problem in the field. Guess I will just have to use trial and error.
  13. I am doing a job next week where 3 of the 16 existing cameras at a property are wired using RG6 coax cable with a security cable 20 AWG wire for power. I need to extend the wire and was wondering if I could use f connectors on both the rg6 and rg59 and use a standard barrel connector to connected them for video? Will it affect the Picture quality? Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  14. For sale are 2 NEW analog 700 tvl box camera's with lens.One of the lens is 2.8-12mm the other is 3.5-8.0mm. These where extras from a large installation I did last month and don't need them. Picture quality is very good on these camera's and the customer was very happy with them. Selling it all for 200 OBO shipped via USPS Medium Flat Rate Box US only. Paypal only and buyer must pay fee's. If you have any questions please post them on this thread or PM me. Camera Spec's are below. Camera: 1/3 Sony CCD 700 TVL WDR or DWDR 2D/3D DNR DC12V OSD Lens: 3.5-8mm F1.2 1/3 CS DC 2.8-12mm 1:1.4 IR 1/2.7 2MP CS