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  1. icrealtime

    Mobile transportation surveillance

    I have had a very good experience with this company. http://www.servision.net/
  2. I use only Hitachi Drives, 8MCach 7200 RPM and have a very low fail rate. We used Maxtor’s in the past and had numerous issues with them. We sell on average of 200-250 hard drive per month are very pleased.
  3. icrealtime

    oh MAN i CANT WAIT

    I agree, it will make the streaming of high res/realtime video a breeze. It is not available in my area yet. Cant wait!!
  4. icrealtime

    Hello there!

    Hi Orian, Welcome to the forum
  5. You got most of it right in your question already. Please make sure which port each DVR uses to connect to the internet. Most of the DVRs use some specific ports that you can find in their manuals. For our ICrealtime machines we use 9080. If you want two DVRs for one IP, you need set different ports, in other words, DVRs can not share the same port while they can share the same IP. Each DVR has its unique internal IP address, the modem/router is the device that has the external IP. You need to config the modem/router so that it forwards the ip data from the internet to the particular DVR IP. Say one of your DVR is working on port 1024, the other on port 1025. In the router, you need forward all traffic from internet for port 1024 to, traffic for port 1025 to This is normally called "port forwarding" or "ip pinhole", in the router.
  6. icrealtime


    That demo on their web site is great. These are some very impressive cams. That demo that you gave me at night was what sold me. It was streaming at 45-60 kbps while anther IR camera looking at the same view was well over 450 kbps. That is 10 times the bandwidth needed to stream the same image. The Panasonic at almost zero light still had a great image, far better than the IR cam.
  7. Thanks for all the info. I will order one and test this week. I will let you know how it works out.
  8. Thanks VST Can you PM me the prices that you paid? Did you buy direct from Covi? Very interested in how the dome works for you. Thanks
  9. One of my dealers turned me on to these guys and I was wandering if anyone has any opinions on the cameras. The technology looks very interesting; do they integrate with an analog DVR?
  10. icrealtime

    license plate camera

    I agree Extreme makes some of the best gear for license plate recognition.
  11. icrealtime

    Mobile DVR Recommendation

    Your right Kand - You can power the Servision unit via the cars power. All you need to do is switch out the PSU.
  12. icrealtime


    Hey Guys, This is Charlie from the ICRealtime tech support dept. Just finished reading all the posts in this thread. Will read all other posts on ICRealtime DVR later. (1) Green screen during playback. This happens when you play a NTSC video clips with a PAL setting, or vice versa. Easy fix: uninstall the current client software and go to ICRealtime's web site to download the software again; make sure you select NTSC/English during the installation. Or, on the local playback control bar, click the config button (the hammer icon), select "NTSC" at the bottom, click Apply and try to play the same clip again. If you still see green, give us a call. Let one of our sales people give you the access to one of the demo machines so you can see not only color but also all other features of the machine. Using the same software to serve all the markets sounds like a good idea on paper for development and maintanence, it is not working out well for us, especially with over thousands of units installed in different parts of the world. Simple stuff like this 'green issue' has wasted a lot of our time. Maybe we should build dedicated loads for each region. (2) As an enginneer working on design, support and sell DVRs since 2000 (anyone of you heard DVR at that time? , I tested and supported dvr of almost all brands. Rory seems a die hard fan of GE/Kalatel machines. Well, as long as your customers are happy with the performance and prices, why not? Quote one of my friends working in XX's DVR group: "we sell our name, who cares if our price is double and our technology is 12 month behind". When you are associated with a large corp., you look bigger in the eyes of your customers. That helps. Large corporations are also famous for dragging their feet in embracing new technology - at the large company I worked for over years, we seldom had projects scheduled for less than 8 months, and we were late by half year, via standard I am not in a good position to say which dvr is best because I work for ICRealtime. But I have to say, put ICRealtime machines side by side with any other DVRs, you will be impressed with its quality and performance. At least I was. On the price side, you go bargin with Matt.
  13. icrealtime


    You are talking about GE, right?
  14. icrealtime

    Question on Mobile DVR's

    What is your application of the DVR? There are many mobile DVR's on the market. Do you need the DVR to transmit the video remotely or are you just looking for a hand shake when then car or transport returns? How many cameras do you want to support?
  15. icrealtime

    IC Realtime

    Thanks for the welcome Rory. If I can answer any questions for you please let me know. I am trying to get out to Vegas for the show. If I do go maybe we can meet up.