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  1. No luck with those ports - tried each individually, both open, with port 80 forwarded and without...still nothing. I've never seen anything like it - I access it via port 80 internally, and the forwarding from Wan does work (since I can forward to other devices, including directly to a camera...)...but forwarding to this device just doesn't seem to comply...
  2. hi John. you will find using another port other than 80 will solve your problem. set it to 83 and see what happends. you will also need to set the port you use in your router port forwarding to your NVR just had a look at the setup manual ports you need are 1025 and 65535 and you use 80 for local only Excellent - I'll give that a shot....
  3. Thanks for the reply - I won't worry about the clips. I have confirmed the ports are correct - since I access it as port 80 on the local network...just can't figure why when forwarded it doesn't work. I have forwarded the router to other devices that use port 80 - and they work correctly.... Also, has anyone contacted Vivotek support before- - I sent a couple messages, but never got a reply....
  4. I have 2 issues / questions with regard to a NR8201 I am installing. 1) It works great on the local network - I can access it using the IP address I assigned it. However, when using DDNS - I can connect to my network, but even with port 80 forwarded to the NVR, it doesn't respond. If I put a different device (say an IP camera), I can access that from outside my network. Is there another port that needs to be opened? 2) When I look at my history, a day of recording continous is chopped up into 5-7 minute segments - is this normal and/or necessary?
  5. Business has been steadily picking up, and we are comfortable selling and configuring everything - but need some hands on people to do the installs. Don't really need a CCTV guru - just someone who can troubleshoot cabling, mount equipment and some basic networking knowledge would help. PM for more details
  6. Haven't been able to swing the time to get down for the larger shows in the US - does anyone know / attended any Canadian Trade Shows or Conferences?
  7. johnmaclean

    Wiring Help - Baluns?

    Great! I appreciate the response from all - a big help.....I am going to go with POE switch (so shouldn't need the injector) - and runs of cat 5 / cat5e buried cable to the exterior cameras... Also likely will put in surge protection on the cat5 line..... Thanks all - I'll be sure to contribute results when I have them....
  8. johnmaclean

    Wiring Help - Baluns?

    For sure under 300 feet - I suspect the longest at 150 feet. A lot of the Cat 5 will be outside - so I was going with the 'buried' - but does that still need conduit around it? I guess the other option is Coax with baluns to make the run....but the more I read, the more it seems if we have the budget (we do) - Cat 5 would be better....
  9. johnmaclean

    Wiring Help - Baluns?

    a Vivotek POE Injector would be the best way for you if you are just using 1 camera. Thanks for the reply - the switch can deliver the POE - does the injector then use cat 5 cable? Or what cabling needs to be run with it?
  10. Quick question - I am installing Vivotek 7361 IP Cameras - wired back to a central network switch. Most of the cabling is outside - so my option is to run Cat 5e with RJ45 ends - which is a bit of a pain - but I need the POE to power the camera (no power at the camera location). It seems there is a better way - and perhaps even something easier - but I'm not clear on what that would be.... Suggestions?
  11. The quick answer is for viewing activity - not facial recognition - each camera looking to cover a 25 foot distance, with 30 feet wide of viewing. Very low light - so likely going to have to add sensored lights or external IR I suspect.... Now leaning more to going all Vivotek - including the nvr.....
  12. OK - I have a client that is looking for a $4K or so solution that requires 4 outdoor cameras. I've had good success with vivotek before - but am looking for any better options. For the DVR I'm thinking simple - since they don't need want a control center - so look at the AverMedia Need: Outdoor, weatherproof (i.e. winter) cameras. Ability to record at location up to 7 days. Ability to remotely view on a blackberry and android device. ABILITY TO ADD MORE CAMERAS later. Nice to have: Ability to also view on TV on location, backup to internet So far I'm leaning to: Vivotek 7361 cameras Avermedia EH1008 2TB Drive My concern is adding more IP cameras if required - can I easily more IP cameras beyond 4 by adding hardware and not end up with having multiple viewing setups. In other words - if we add 2 IP cameras - can it still be controlled/recorded/viewed remotely all in one place if I add some hardware (since the rating on the EH1008 is only 4 IP cameras + 4 analog). I have a thought to change the NVR to the Vivotek NR8301 - but haven't heard/read much in terms of reviews on them.... Also - just wondering best type of wiring and/or anything else I am missing on this setup....
  13. johnmaclean

    Help for exterior system of industrial building

  14. I am trying to configure a system for a industrial building (roughly 100x30) - only 3 areas of concern (front entrance, side entrance and back entrance) - however would also like to view some activity in the surrounding yard (although facial recognition is not as much of a concern since the real danger is if they get to the door).... I've used vivotek in the past - specifically the 8362 - which worked well since it can withstand the cold winters here - but have only used it in a single camera configuration. Would ideally like a suggestion on cameras, and a recording system that allows for local and remote storage... I know this is a bit vague....but just trying to get started here....