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  1. Selling (1) 16 license GeoVision GV-VMS 3rd party camera dongle. The cheapest online price I could find was around 40.00 per license. Accepting REASONABLE offers. Free shipping only to the lower 48 states.
  2. --No Longer Available--- Selling 3 GeoVision NVR 3rd party camera dongles. Two of them are are 4 channels and one is 16 channels. $40.00 each for the 4 channel and $160.00 for the 16 channel. Free shipping to the lower 48.
  3. Price drop, $110.00 each including shipping to the lower 48 states. Also have one more of the MDR- 520 cameras for a total of 4.
  4. (3) Geovision GV-MDR520 5 mega-pixel mini fixed rugged vandal domes. Price drop $150.00 each. 1 is in excellent condition. 1 is slight scuffed and scratched, average condition. 1has been painted a beige color, average condition. Free shipping to the lower 48 states. See the mfg. link for details. http://www.geovision.com.tw/english/Prod_GVIPCAMH264MDR520.asp
  5. Camera is no longer available.
  6. Selling GeoVision 1.3MP GV-UBLC1301-0F-C bullet 2.8mm H.264 IR IP Motion Detection IP camera. Like new condition. Includes the box and all other accessories. No SD card. $85.00 shipped to the lower 48 states.
  7. PA2001

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Mostly cosmetic, but with a few nice features. The main issue is when you load up the system with 30+ cameras, it becomes VERY sluggish and sometimes unresponsive. Seems like it is still a beta product. Maybe the next version will be better.
  8. PA2001

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    I do not know.
  9. PA2001

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    You can run VMS with 32 channels for free without a dongle, only using Geovision cameras.
  10. PA2001

    Anyone using GV-VMS yet?

    Tried it out for a few weeks, but had to go back to Multi-Cam. The (new) PC specs exceed the minimum requirements to run VMS, but it seems very buggy. The camera layout and menus are much better. Switching between live view and playback is real easy. Problems encountered: Hangs up when making changes, adding cameras, motion detection tweaking, adding analytics, camera layout changes etc. Any of these changes would cause the PC to stop responding for several seconds, sometimes a minute or two, or require a PC reboot. It became too time consuming to make system changes. Playback with the time line is great, unfortunately is is also VERY laggy and would occasionally take very long to respond or quit responding all together. I loaded VMS on an older i7 PC and it pretty much responded the same way the new PC did. Maybe the next version will work better, but for now, I'll have to stay with Multi-Cam
  11. Set up Geovision GV-NVR computer to send recorded video to a folder on a Synology NAS. ( I am NOT using the Surveillence Station package on the Synology NAS). The files are accessible if I manually go to the NAS (DiskStation Software) and look in the folder. GV-NVR is sending the recorded video to the NAS. When I open the "Video/Audeo Log" window on the GV-NVR software, it shows that there are no events to play back. On the DiskStation software, the folder used to record has read/write access. Can someone help? Thanks
  12. PA2001

    For Sale (2) Geovision GV-VS04A Video Servers

    One left. $100.00 shipped.
  13. Selling 2 Geovision GV-VS04A Video Servers. Tested and in working condition. Cases have minor scratches. Power supplys not included. $150.00 each obo. Free shipping to the lower 48. Paul http://www.ebay.com/itm/Geovision-GV-VS04A-Video-Server-FREE-SHIPPING-/221615579532?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123
  14. PA2001


    8 cores are available according to the task manager. Both systems are the same as far as cpu and motherboard. Same version of Geovision running on both systems (Version One is DVR-1480 and the other is NVR only. Have not checked the bois yet. Will do tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestions.