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  1. accordfreak

    FS: Mobotix Q24M-Sec-D11 - like new

    FS: Mobotix Q24M-Sec-D11 - like new sold
  2. thanks for the info. The seller owned up to it and decided to send me another one. works great now!
  3. i'm new the the security camera world and bought a used arecont 2155 When I connect the POE ethernet line to the camera, there's a small LED that lights up inside the camera but there is no link light and the software cannot detect a camera. I test out the ethernet line using a new arecont camera (3155) and the link light came on instantly and the software was able to detect it. Are there settings on the camera that the previous owner set that prevents the camera from linking up? I just want to make sure i didn't buy a broken one. thanks
  4. accordfreak

    [SOLD] - Mobotix Q24M-Sec-D11 - like new

    SOLD!!! thank you