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  1. What do you mean by that? 12v DC is 12DC at the end of the day? first they over heat to the point were you dont let power supply sit on carpet. then there is the problem of not being CE certified (must be printed on unit) ones i have seen have not. but yes your right 12v is 12v anywhere. but £40 on untested voltage and none CE compliant This seems like quite the judgement before you even know much about the unit in question. Yes, if it's a bad power supply that's a problem. So get another 12VDC power brick with equivalent or greater amperage rating. That problem is solved, so let's actually look at the DVR.
  2. Much more info needed. Are you logging into the DVR/NVR to watch multiple streams? What kind of system is it?
  3. This is, I assume, using UTP Cat5e cable? Have you tried using STP cable? I'd think this would eliminate the interference issues.
  4. dh405

    CCTV tester

    Right now I'm looking at the Vonnic A2812. It is a field monitor, color bar generator, portable power supply, and it seems to work most PTZ controls from what I can see. In the features, it says "Video Level Test: Video Signal Measured in IRE or mV" -- Does this do what you were asking about? Anyhow, it's about $225, but NewEgg has a 25% coupon code running for Vonnic stuff that brings it down to like $170. The code is "VONNIC25". I'm looking to pick one up, so does anyone have an opinion on them? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16881618183
  5. dh405

    I need a lot of advice!

    Fences. Gates. Guns. This guy sounds absolutely awful. I have a bad neighbor, but it sounds like you've got the real prize-winner there. My condolences.