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  1. Vector I'm curious, with the multiple camera play backs using the PSS with no problems at all, how many is that? And how many frames per camera?
  2. Tom, I would give your response a like or a +1 if I was able too. Agree 100%.
  3. securitynow.us

    HD-SDI Over IP

    There are 4 channel HD-SDI DVRs available for a little more then 350 dollars. I've installed a couple recently, and the picture quality with Megapixel cameras is great.
  4. securitynow.us

    DVR Internet connections for Viewing from outside

    The IP you are getting from cmd ipconfig is the internal network IP address. The whatsmyip.com address is your external IP address. When you set up dyndns that is the ip address that they will need.
  5. First check the specs for the cameras you plan on using to see what they pull. Based on the calculate the total and keep in mind future expansions, then make your decision.
  6. securitynow.us

    Please help with camera suggestion.

    How about a camera with a SD card that records direct to that, and when you want to review video you just go pick up the card. For the clearness to pick up a license plate you are going to want a megapixel camera. Based on the limitations of no internet, and the wanting of updates when it picks up motion and no on site DVR/NVR I can't think of a way off the top of my head for this to be done..
  7. securitynow.us

    audio feature in cctv system

    If it is allowed where you are located, if the DVR/NVR that is present allows for audio, you just need to run a cable for audio with a small microphone, and then plug it into the audio input. I've done this for a customer where we just poked a small hole in corner ceiling tile and slipped the small mic in, wasn't noticeable.
  8. So what I am getting from that is you don't actually run a business yourself, just do jobs on the side? Well then that makes sense for you to use cheaper cameras then.
  9. I suppose we'll just have to agree to disagree.
  10. securitynow.us

    audio feature in cctv system

    I do not know where you are located, but be sure you check with your local laws first to see if audio surveillance is allowed where you are. Some states/areas consider it to be eavesdropping or wiretapping.
  11. I don't think the owner of a casino would want cameras installed professionally that he/she could of bought themself at costco or anywhere else on the internet for that matter and done the job themselves. Thats just my opinion though.
  12. I would not place Dahua cameras in a casino like vector suggested, not with a budget like yours.
  13. securitynow.us

    Everfocus ECOR264-16x1 causes IE 8 to crash

    Have you tried using another browser all together such as firefox or chrome?
  14. securitynow.us

    DX8100 Configuration

    Okay, are you trying to login on it through a computer that is on the same local network of the DVR? If so, are you able to ping the DVR's assigned IP address from the machine you are trying to log on to it from? Second, do you have a site name and system ID assigned for the DVR in the settings? Make sure you copy it down right, it is case sensitive. Your DVR’s site name is used to identify your system to clients and other DX8100 servers. Your DVR’s system ID is used to uniquely identify your system on a LAN. System IDs are required to prevent possible conflicts with other network devices. If you aren't using DHCP to assign the IP Address be sure the all the fields are correct in your static IP settings (and make sure DHCP isnt checked) make sure the subnet and gateway match up to your server settings. Also make sure that nothing is already using the static IP you are trying to assign. Are you using the multicasting options? Below is the default ports that the DVR is set on 9002 Base port for transmission of video, audio, and interface data 9003 Software upgrades 9004 Emergency agent notifications 9005 Information port 13900 Ping port Make sure you are using both TCP/UDP when you are setting up the ports in your router. If you are using multicasting; you need to enable it and set the IP in this range : - After you do any changes to the DVR Network properties you need to do a reboot of the system. Hope this helps, let me know if not and we can try to pinpoint where exactly the problem is with some more information! Rick Watson