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  1. Used PANASONIC WV-CP484 with PAN-WV-LZA61/2 - 3.8-8mm Varifocal Lens works great, was uses as a nursery camera - $150 - shipped Used Extreme CCTV EX12LED8W infrared emitter (a bit scratched up, was that way when I got it, but still works great) - $75 Shipped Used Samsung iPOLiS SPE-400 4CH H.264 Network Video Encoder - $250 Shipped New in box Rainbow ODL55VD3 Day/Night Outdoor IR Camera - $100 shipped New Arecont AV 5105 DN 5MP H.264 no lens not in orginal box -$300 shipped Louroe ASK-4 KIT #300 Audio Monitoring Kit - $150 shipped All for $650 email: devin[at]shaw[dot]ca
  2. If you set the format to MJPEG and use this URL you don't have to use IE: http://ip:port/cgi-bin/cmd/encoder?GET_STREAM That's what I've been doing to watch it on my iPhone.
  3. 2 x Panasonic WV-NW484S 2 x Panasonic WV-CW4H Heater Units Info One camera is brand new in the box never opened and the other one I opened and bench tested it but is basically brand new as well. The heaters are both brand new not opened in the boxes. $1400 Email: devin[at]shaw.ca
  4. I'm looking for a good outdoor day/night ip poe dome that is relatively small and surface mountable plus is has to work in the cold Canadian winters, not asking for much am I? There are the Arecont AV1355DN or AV2155DN that is rated to -20 but from reading on here it seems the night time performance doesn't seem to be the best?? Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  5. Helheim

    Best place for cameras on front of house

    Is the NUVICO MS-Z10 MINI PTZ a good camera?
  6. My only complaint is the site is very slow for me compared to others.
  7. Helheim

    Best place for cameras on front of house

    What is a decent day/night 10x PTZ that can be surface mounted? Thanks
  8. Helheim

    Best place for cameras on front of house

    Thanks for the feedback. Can you give me an example of one? I was thinking about using either WV-NW484S or WV-CW484 Panasonic domes, perhaps a Nuvico at the door. Good idea. The house faces east.
  9. I'm trying to decide where to mount cameras on the front of my house. I was planning on using domes, unless there is a reason not to? This is that I have come up with any comments? Do I need that many, more?
  10. Has anyone used one of these cameras? In the specs it says up to 30 ips but is that at full resolution? Would it be better to just get a WV-CW484 instead? Are there any other comparable cameras to this? Thanks