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  1. Hello everyone, I am working on forum code and you might notice a few errors. Although its a simple forum modification ( all I have to do is follow the instructions), I think I did something wrong. I have already noticed the forum moderators list has disappeared. I should have it all back together soon. Thanks
  2. Hey Rory, I like that idea. As to not trash this thread, I may ask some questions about it in the cctvforum forum. thanks
  3. I have to agree with Thomas on this one. mk has a link to url of the company he is inquiring about in his profile so why would he have to make the post sound as if he needs information. If you need information just walk down the hall and ask. If it is your company, or you work for the company, just post that you have a product that may solve a persons problem. His post(s) are obviously marketing related. I mean, at least be smart about it mk and remove the darn link from your profile before you post. One day we'll have to come up with some guidelines about this that would be fair for all.
  4. larry

    Prescott PSUs?

    Moved... Anyone that would like to volunteer as a moderator can pm me
  5. No need for anyone to apologize. As mentioned before, differences of opinion are normal. I think members want to read others views of a company or product. I just ask that its done without personal attacks. Just state your opinion as you see it then agree to disagree. I personally like Geovision but, I have to admit, I have not seen a competitors system. I had budget to purchase one system quickly so I did not get a chance to compare. Heck, I don't want to see another system because I might kick myself for going with Geo. For what I am doing though and compared to analog, I like the Geo just fine.
  6. larry

    Just wanted to say thanks!

    No, let me thank you for coming here and making it a success. Also, this forum will always be free; it will not convert to subscriptions or anything like that. To pay for hosting, I will be selling the banner space and stuff like that. So, my thanks to everyone that particpates and makes this forum a must read for cctv professionals everywhere.
  7. Hopefully it was just internet traffic. I'd hate to have to purchase a server so soon.
  8. larry


    This forum is hosted by 1and1 which is a German company. They just started selling in the US though so the server is either in Germany or New York. You can modify the server times in your profile by adjusting the GMT value. As the forum gets more popular they will kick me off their server and I will have to buy my own server.
  9. larry

    Delete older threads

    I don't really want to do that. I think people who need information might rely on some of the older information too . I will check to see if there is a mod that allows you to view post by a timeframe. I would try to make modifications myself but php code is too scary for me.
  10. larry

    Easy Search

    Let me see if there are mods for phpbb that allow that stuff. I know they coming out with a new version soon, hopefully it will include some of this.
  11. larry

    Demo Software

    RoboDemo's link http://www.robodemo.com It's not freeware but they offer a 15 day trial.
  12. larry

    Demo Software

    RoboDemo is the standard for web but I don't know if it can used on CD. I assume it can though. It's pricey.
  13. I had to update my Nvidia driver to directx 9 so actually Nvidia may be the root of my problem.
  14. larry

    Can I mount a camera on a telephone pole?

    Having worked for the phone company myself, if you put a cctv camera on a pole and a tech sees it, he will disconnect it and keep it for himself.
  15. squale As a Geovision user, I think you would be quite happy with the card. It will do what you want it to do, if not now - later. Geovision comes out with updates like clockwork. Each version is better than the last. Although I think something is wrong with version 6, or directx 9, because I am getting random blue screens after installing it.
  16. larry

    Video Title Generator

    Check out this company. They are in Canada but they ship to the US. The prices they show are MSRP so if you identify yourself as a dealer, they should be lower. http://www.overlaytools.com/
  17. Hello BillinOhio Welcome to the forum. I took the liberty of deleting the other duplicate posts you made so that it would be easier for readers to answer and follow.
  18. Hey Rory, I do have a couple of places where alarm questions can be answered on this forum. They are under the Security Related Section. At this time, I have no plans for another forum. Although it is a good idea because that alarm newsgroup is pretty bad. The reason is time and , ofcourse, money. I am working on another web site and it is taking up all my time. I am coding it by myself in asp.net and it is taking more code than I planned. Also I know the time is going to come when this sites bandwidth is going to raise alarm. I will be asked to get my own server at that point. So I am trying to finished the other site so I can hopefully get some funds to get a server for this site. Like I said though, it is a good idea worth considering. If I get some extra cash, I may do it. If I could only hit the lottery
  19. larry

    My Digital Video Security Setup

    I just upgraded my system to geovision version 5.4. ( was on v5.2 ) I also had to download new nvidia drivers for my video card then download and install directx 9. Man what a clearer picture that upgrade produced. Dvr_Expert, when is version 6 coming out and what goodies is it going to offer. That is, if you are allowed to say.
  20. OK folks. Here is my system. Application: 1600sf quik mart Cameras: 3 Sony SSC-CX13v color cameras (solid cams so far)- behind registers facing customers 4 Sony SCC-CD33v Domes - retail floor ; 1 is a spare for when one goes down ( 2 failed so far, both repaired free by sony) 1 bullet camera (solid cam) - used as door entry camera 1 hidden camera - for inventory store room ( very handy item indeed) 2 MD-4 (supercircuits) mini domes for top view over registers- have not gotten these to work yet, have to recheck my connections. 4 Outdoor Pro-Paks- Heated housing with TG2Z3514FCS & YCH-02 (3.5- 8mm DC A/I Lens / Hi-Res Color Camera) Digital Video System Geovision gv800 16 cam Dell Dimension PC 2GHZ Pentium 512 ram - no mods yet 1 western digital 250g HD 1 western digital 120g HD 1 western digital 120g HD - failed after 10 months; will become backup drive once fixed. Windows 2000 professional - latest service packs; Misc: 1 Ganz 14 color monitor - I attached bullet cam to its hanger (vmp-046 bracket) 1 Altronix 16 cam 24v power supply 1 Stealth 4 cam 12vdc power supply 3 panavise deluxe mounts for Sony SSC-CX13v's DSL Service for remote monitoring I think thats everything, if not I'll add it later. I am satisfied with this systems so far, although I am not extremely happy with it. With what I was reading on the various web sites, I thought I would have more trouble with the geovision card than the other stuff. That just has not been the case. Two Sony domes and 1 harddrive have failed so far. I was very surprised the Sonys went down after about a year each but they have very good warranty service. The harddrive will also be replaced for free by Western Digital. Questions, comments? Want to share a system you setup. Thats what this forum is for.
  21. larry

    Vehicle Damage Recognition Systems

    Hey Swift, This sounds like a very interesting system. I don't know of anything that does this but I bet you could piece something together that does something close. It doesn't sound like you need video. Pictures are all you need am I correct?. The part that sounds complicated is the automated comparision. Would he be happy with just capturing and storing the images and then doing a human eye comparision if an incident happens.
  22. larry

    Found you from Google ADWORDS

    Actually I do have Adwords advertising; that is until I use up my free credits. The company this site is hosted at offered a free $25.00 credit towards Adwords. So I decided to take advantage of it. Although it cost $5 to signup, I can put a limit on the amount I spend per day with the $20.00 dollar balance. Then I got another $50.00 credit from Verisign (Network Solutions) for a completely different domain. If I continue the service after my credits expire is a guess at this point. But I will admit that it does drive traffic to your site if you setup your words correctly. Adwords is much more economical than Overture. I have a another site hosted at Interland and they offered a pay $50.00 get another $50.00 free deal. I blew through my $50 in no time. It takes a much higher price per click amount to get in a respectable position.
  23. karnisar welcome to the forum. One question I have about those products is support. What happens when one goes bad. Yeah they are priced right but who do you send it to to get repaired. Also are the camera going indoors or outdoors? Another thing. The computer you have will be used for other things as well. Is the software from that card going to cause problems to your other programs or will other programs cause problems for the capture software. Normally computers used for surveillance systems are used only for survelliance systems. If you are willing to take the risk then go for it and please report back and let me know how it goes. I am always looking for inexpensive components.
  24. Here's a camera Sue. Would something like this work? http://www.directlvs.com/Camera/GBCP/Photos/pir-value-camera.jpg This reason I would suggest this style of camera is that although they do make other cameras that look like books, pictures, radios etc; the problem with those is, if someone lifts the book, picture cam - unless they are wireless - they will notice a coax attached running into the wall. This camera looks like a motion detector so it is supposed to have a wire running into the wall. Actually when mounted, i believe, no one will see the wire because its hidden inside the wall.