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  1. A custom setup takes a little more research, work and money. The computer would have to be dedicated to the surveillance system. As for a VMS, since you are looking at a 8 channel system, look at Milestone XProtect (8 channels) or LuxRiot Evo (9 channels). Both are commercial grade and free.
  2. Hey, I'd go with Tom's recommendation. That's good advice.
  3. To be honest, most of the systems are made in China. If this system checks your boxes then pull the trigger on. Just make sure you purchase from a reputable place.
  4. larry

    Clone nvr

    Internet trunk slammer. Looks like they packed up and moved to another domain.
  5. larry

    Clone nvr

    Did you get this from Aliexpress?
  6. larry

    I need DVR firmware

    Where did you get it from?
  7. larry

    Volten VL1128

    Good! glad you found it.
  8. The range on this device is only 80 meters, 240 ft. Don't know whether this is going to work. For the price though and the fact you can return it, give it a try.
  9. larry

    Volten VL1128

    Try out this storage calculator to get a rough estimate. https://www.wd.com/solutions/wd-surveillance-capacity-calculator.html
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    CCTV - account removal

    I assume you want your cctvforum.com account removed? If yes, I sent you an private message on what we can do. Thanks, Larry
  11. larry

    Choosing a camera and working back

    Hello Longshot, I think you need to be more concerned about powering and receiving video from a camera 1/3rd of a mile (1700ft) away from your NVR. Your getting into having to research Ubiquiti or using fiber. As for the camera, this one gets good reviews; Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 2MP Starlight IP camera.
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    Howdy all

    Hello Gloopy, welcome to the forum!
  13. I got a different code with your information: dQzqRSedy
  14. Try doing it yourself using this tool. https://www.cctvforum.com/hikvision-password-reset/
  15. larry

    Tvt dvr telnet password

    Possibly information in this thread may help.
  16. The forums topics needs major modernization and cleanup. Some of them made sense in 2003 but not so much now. I will start renaming, removing topics to reflect current trends. Thanks, Larry
  17. Motion detection enabled or lower frame rate or both
  18. larry

    Hello to all

    Hello Charlie, welcome to the forum.
  19. larry

    Raysharp chinese version

    Have you contacted the person or company that sold it to you?
  20. larry

    Best brands

    Most residential brands are just OEM's of either Dahua or Hikvision which are Chinese companies.
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    New to the Forum

    Hello Danie, Welcome to the forum.
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    Another new member

    Welcome to the forum Lee
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    new here

    Welcome to the forum Franky
  24. Please post all your issues, questions or any other concerns or comments here. I will be checking this throughout the day but there may be a delay in responding (due to work schedule). But I will definitely try to address every issue. I did face issues during the migration to the new software and server but I hope everything made it over correctly and works as it should. The new software is very different than the old software but it offers much more features. So many that I don't know how to load or work most of them. The migration took much longer than I expected and offered a ton of complications. I did not want to keep the forum disabled any longer than I absolutely had to so I decided to make it live again and work out the issues I know with the software support group Monday or Tuesday. Also, I will be making changes to the forums in the coming days - forum renaming, merging - that I did not get a chance to finish before going live again. Thanks for your patience. Larry CCTVForum.com