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    What has happened to this forum

    Well, to answer your question as to what happened to the forum. The answer is...nothing has happened. Just a forum evolving with the times. Over time, people find better more cost effective solutions than the same old names. I can remember when Geovision was the hot brand here, now it's found some competition. To your comment of cheap Chinese brands. What is not manufactured in Asia now days? Most of your "professional" brands are made somewhere in Asia. To your other concerns; I really have no clue what you are referring to. All I can say is the forum is still here; will continue to change with the times and hopefully grow better with age. Considering this year marks 10 years that this place has been around, there are definitely things I am planning to add here to make it a more useful resource for surveillance information.
  2. larry

    What has happened to this forum

    Hello mate. I am running for the train but I will answer your question later today. Good to see you back.
  3. larry

    Newbie... is this a good outdoor setup?

    Here is a good place to start: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=31459
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    Hello from Atlanta

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Just solve the CAPTCHA and you should be good. Just answer the question by dragging the answers to the correct column. Make sure you have javascript enabled on your tablet.
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    private messaging inquiry

    Unfortunately, this functionality had to be disabled for new members. It will return soon.
  7. Take a look at this post too. viewtopic.php?f=15&t=31459
  8. larry

    Looking for a 16Ch D1

    Go to work and all hell breaks loose. If it weren't for my being at work and not wanting to work on personal stuff, I would have responded to the hijackers differently.
  9. larry

    Opinion on this system

    After looking at that DVR; it looks like a Dahua. I'll have to add this site to my Dahua post.
  10. First, this thread is a setup but I will play along anyways. Members are free to openly suggest where to buy online. As long as, you are not getting a kick back from the retailer and the site is not currently banned from being mentioned on this forum. Okay, back to the amusement...
  11. Unfortunately, that would be an all out free-for-all of worthless responses because who would determine what is "sound". Other posts were edited in direct response to your actions and it sounds like you are still on the payroll. Your being compensated for recommending a specific brand and referring members to a specific retailer IS very relevant and I can't believe you don't realize that. They sent me a request too and I politely declined for obvious "integrity" reasons. I agree, Soundy is very knowledgeable about this industry and as far as I am concerned this matter is over.
  12. Unmentionable? Why? I'm not familiar with the "politics" of this industry. Not the industry, just this forum. See your PMs. What Soundy failed to mention is that he gets "compensated" by the site he referred you to. And, as a result of his dedication to his job(s), one of his employers is slowly being removed from this forum. I am more than willing to let this rest but apparently he wants to be all passive aggressive about it.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to voice your concerns. Yes, one of the reasons this forum is here to help people consider what product to buy. What it sounds like you are saying is that you don't care whether it is an honest recommendation or a paid endorsement. I can certainly open this place up and let the retailer's battle it out in every post; but would you still want to be here once that happens? Would anyone, other than the retailers, really want to come here after that? People here recommend all sorts of products and brands, CNB, Gadspot, Qsee, Geovision, Aver, Avigilon, Sony, Panasonic, Dahua... etc. Please do not confuse what happened in this thread with what is allowed to happen naturally everyday. I have no issues with Sean and I am sure most of the positive feedback was genuine. I don't think that will happen, but if it does, really nothing I can do about it. Moderating a forum is extremely difficult. Gotta make decisions that may piss people off. I get that - like I stated before, this was not an off-the-cuff decision. I think I did my due diligence on this. EDIT: I am locking this thread because it went off-topic and I think everyone has had time to voice their concern. If not, start a thread under CCTV Forum.
  14. Well, at least you admit you work for Logitech. I don't think Soundy will admit he gets compensated for recommending Sean's/Nelly's products.
  15. xellbuy, that question as not asked of you so why are you answering it? And, yeah..that site is blocked as well and anyone with any history here knows why. I have to honestly say that the overwhelming majority of people here participate because they truly like helping people. Unfortunately, a few people get tired of helping I guess and do things to get themselves and/or their sites banned. Most forums have to deal with this on a daily basis.
  16. I guess I lied about not responding to this thread anymore... Welcome to the discussion Sean. I have to admit though, you are way too late to be taken seriously by me. I made a very specific observation; no where in your response do you deny it. Nor has the other party spoken up either? Personally, if someone made an accusation like that about me, I would have responded much sooner. Thousands of dollars? It's not been thousands and this just goes to show that I can't be bought. I don't throw fits; much too old for that. I just don't like people who try to game the system. Yes, you participate but mostly in threads that involve your products. Take a look at this post: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=31343&p=196066#p196066 Here was an opportunity for you to give back but you failed. Instead of just giving the guy the url, you asked for his order number first? Just give a fellow forum member some information. And this was just an observation, it really has nothing to do with what I am alleging. And just so you know Sean, I personally have nothing against you or your company. I just think you made a play and it backfired; good business men do that. As far as I am concerned, it's over. If you, or any one else, wants to make me look like the bad guy here. I got no problem with that, I can handle it.
  17. I did not mean to wreck this thread so this is the last I am going to say about this - in this thread. If anyone wants to discuss this further, open a new thread under CCTVForum or PM me. I have been watching this for about 3-4 months and , yes, they are sales pitches. I wasn't completely sure before but I am 100% sure now. I am not upset about this at all. No one's going to be banned or anything like that. Nevertheless, retailers are not allowed to recommend their own products; even if it is done through third parties - period. This is not a new rule. So, Nelly's url and brand will be removed from this forum. I just have to find a way to do it without trashing the threads completely.
  18. I have never used Dahua products but I do believe they are very good products for the price. So, I am glad you were able to come to a conclusion as to which direction you're going to go. That is what this forum is for. So, what you are saying is that the fact that they are good products negates everything else?
  19. larry

    Qvis / EyeSurv RTSP URL

    Yeah, sites get banned as well as people. Another is going to be banned too as soon as I can work out the regular expression that does not wreck entire threads.
  20. larry

    Eyesurv D1 /Dahua Firmware

    Why come here and ask questions about your Dahua before making a support inquiry from where you purchased them from?
  21. larry

    Ordered Surveillance System

    norcaldad, I don't know who you sent a PM to but I never received it and neither you, nor anyone else, will ever be banned for speaking up and asking a legitimate question. Due to a resent trend in the posting of links and other information, some posts are edited to regain a sense of balance and maintain what should be an unbiased forum. So, what does that mean? Basically, I think some members drop links, and lay on glowing praise, for reasons other than they like the retailers' product or service. Now, that does mean some honest posts may be changed? Yeah it does, unfortunately, but I just can't sit back and let the forum get overrun. This forum will be 10 years old next year and it only has 184K posts. That is a good indicator of how moderated this place is. Now a note about banning: I rarely ban members who are not blatant spammers. I assume everyone here is an adult and knows how to act appropriately. If anyone disagrees with something, feel free to let me know about it. You can even throw in a choice word or two ( if you go that route you may want to do that via PM ), I don't get easily offended because at my age, I've heard every insult in multiple languages and also this is not a dictatorship; it's a forum.
  22. As most regulars can tell, the private forums are not visible. They are still here, they are just hidden now. To see the Private Forums you now have to be a member of a Group. These are the current groups: Installers Integrators CCTV Retailers Manufacturers Manufacturers Reps Distributors Dealers Pro DIY'er I may add more groups but these will do for now, unless I left off something very obvious; then I'll have to ask the designer to make a new rank image. If you were previously granted entry into the Private Forums, just respond to this thread with the group you want to be slotted under and I will verify that your name was on the list - then add you to your group. It may take a few days so please be patient. New members will have to wait until I get a good process together to verify credentials.
  23. can you not use the current mobile style?
  24. No problem... New folder limit is 15 and message limit is now 150