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  1. I have a Sony PTZ cam that has IP and coax connections. The coax runs into a computer that sends the image to another company. I use the IP access on our network to view the cam live. I want to move the camera but it reqires the coax cable to be connected also. Can I go from coax to fiber or CAT5 then back to coax? Thanks
  2. I am trying to draw up a install for a log cabin at a ranch. I am running into a few design flaws. This is the gear list please give me brand suggestions. 4 outdoor pole mounted cameras. 2 outdoor dome 1 outdoor wall mounted with big zoom, trying to see gate that is ~650 feet away. 4+ wireless receiver from guest house. Guest house 4 outdoor dome 4+ wireless link ~1500 feet LOS to main house. I need a DVR that can be mounted in the garage. It is insulated but pretty hot being in Texas. They are havening the front gate redone and want to be able to. 1. Buzz people in using the house phone. 2. Be alerted when someone presses the buzzer to trips a ir 3. View the gate camera PNP style on the house TV. (sat system with 2 GIANT HD Plasma screens) How can I tie in the video to the existing tv system for viewing? 4 of the runs are 600+ feet. Who makes the best active blaun? How hot can a power supply get before it fails? I have never done a wireless link, any suggestions. They did not blink at a 10,000 dollar materials only so I want to get the best gear. If the DVR must go inside I would need to do it wifi also. No wires on the log cabin at any cost. Thanks for the help.
  3. scorpion, thanks for all the info. I will look into the metal detector. It is brand new and they do not want the building touched, that is why I am doing to pole mounts and pointing them toward the house. I can go over the 10k. I need wifi from the guest house to the main house because It is 1500 feet.
  4. joe4

    GV-1480 and Duo Core

    I am buying a Dell Optiplex 745 with the following spec. ntel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor E6600 (2.40GHz, 4M, 1066MHz FSB) 2.0GB DDR2 Non-ECC SDRAM, 667MHz, (2DIMM) 256MB ATI Radeon X1300PRO, Dual Monitor DVI or VGA (TV-out), FH Will the proc be enough for the 1480? The geo site does not have a spec for Duo just Pentium. Thanks
  5. Price and spec on this dome look good. Has anyone used them? http://www.surveilux.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=79&category_id=24&manufacturer_id=0&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=7
  6. Can someone please help me located 1000 foot of Siamese RG59 UV Rated Outdoor cable. It is going on top of a canopy not direct burial. and 4000 foot Siamese RG59 Plenum. Also, do they make blauns that have video and power in them? It would solve my need for the UV Rated Siamese. I wish Mohawk made a RG59, I love there CAT5 cable. It is all I use now, one of my vendors told me about it. They used over 10,000 feet a month.
  7. Check this out.... http://www.texasborderwatch.com Also take a look at the patents the site says it uses. http://www.texasborderwatch.com/patents.php 5,798,458 5,912,902 6,009,356 6,130,917 6,181,954 6,246,320 6,253,064 6,366,311 6,392,692 6,518,881 6,545,601 6,636,748 6,853,302 6,970,183 7,023,913 7,049,953 You can look them up here http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/srchnum.htm This is the company the state used http://www.e-watchinc.com What a waste of MONEY.
  8. I could not even get it to work. A local Houston news paper had a write-up slamming the entire project. I wish a news crew would do a fake boarder crossing and see what happens if someone reports them. If you had anyone close enough to respond to a problem why not just use him with a set of binoculars? BTW Rory, I spent a week in your country for vacation.... when can I move in
  9. joe4

    Hydraulic/telescoping/lowering poles

    I know the slang is a jack over pole but if you google tilt over mast you get lots of results. Here is how to build one for $250 http://www.wv7u.com/mast/mast.html http://www.iol.ie/~bravo/Crank-up%20Tilt-over%20Tower.htm We have some where I work so you can change the lights bulbs without renting a cherry picker. Or dyeing on a ladder.
  10. joe4

    Says vs. Safety Vision --- Mobile DVR

    Thanks rory, I wanted to spend $1500 - $2500 per bus.
  11. Can someone please give me there two cents on: www.safetyvision.com vs. www.saysecurity.com I am looking for a 4 channel MDVR with at lease 30 fps and WIFI option for downloading video. Wifi is not required but would be nice. It is for elementary school buses. I could also use some help on vandal dome vs. bullet vs. mini hidden cameras. I like the vandal dome but they are large and seem pricey Bullets are better on price and the form factor seems like a good fit Mini, I am scared the quality will be low but they should last a long time being hidden. Thanks
  12. joe4

    Big storage

    I do not think the iSCSI is going to be fast enough for the Geovision so I plan on using the local hard drive as a buffer for the iSCSI. If all goes well it should fill the Geo drive then at night do a dump to the iSCSI, this way I have unlimited long term storage and only the current day on the local. Similar to a D2D2T backup (disk to disk to tape) you could even take it to tape after the iSCSI and keep years of video. If anyone would be interested I could develop this further, not sure if anyone is doing it yet.
  13. joe4

    Big storage

    I just thought this would have some interesting purpose for storing video. http://www.cleversafe.com/technology/storage_retrieval I just installed two iSCSI SAN at work and wanted to share. ATAOE http://www.coraid.com like iSCSI but non routable. (it could be routed but has no native support) iSCSI Poormans SAN, routable block access. Very nice, all the options of a true fiber SAN with none of the cost. All you need is a gigabit switch, nic, and storage target. This is what I installed (two) http://www.emc.com/products/systems/clariion/ax150/index.jsp I like that it is emc and under 5 million dollars but the spec is not that great. It is running Microsoft storage server, Celeron proc, and 512 ram. EMC must do some major tweaking because it is very fast. Next time I will role my own on Linux. Strange thing about my install the EMC is the only Microsoft product in the entire rack. It would be nice to start seeing embedded DVR with a iSCSI initiator. I plan on hooking my Geovision up to the iSCSI SAN to test it out and will post the results.
  14. Rory, I am going to the Bahamas for a week in October with my wife and two young kids. Anything I should know?
  15. joe4

    Going to Bahamas - What to do rory?

    Rory, Thanks for all the info. Both my kids are under 3 so taxis and rental cars are a pain (car seats). I hope to hang out at the hotel allot buy my kids love boats so we plan on doing a ferry ride. It would be cool if we could find a sail boat also. I am trying to avoid 8 dollar waters at the hotel and our room has a refrigerator. Do you know where there is a grocery store that has normal prices?
  16. joe4

    Going to Bahamas - What to do rory?

    The Atlantis Do they make a kevlar speedo?
  17. Rory, This would be where it shows up first. https://digitallocker.windowsmarketplacelabs.com (Does not work well with firefox)
  18. joe4

    Expensive Email Account

    I like the fact they did not even buy the .net or .org The company is German. And the entire concept screams hack me and I will pay off with rich people info. Whois Server Version 2.0 at whois.tmagnic.net Database contains ONLY .COM, .NET , .TV , .CC , .WS domains and registrars. Owner Contact: Achim Holzmann netlite webservices Laengenfeldweg 8 Murnau, Murnau, 82418, Germany RACE Name: millionaires24.com Punycode Name: millionaires24.com Unicode Name: millionaires24.com Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK Admin Contact Achim Holzmann (AH2278-ABC) info@netlite.de Laengenfeldweg 8 Murnau, Murnau, 82418, Germany phone: +49.8841627474 fax: +49.8841627475 Technical Contact, Zone Contact Hostmaster Strato Medien Ag (HS455-ABC) Strato Medien AG hostmaster@serverkompetenz.de Pascalstrasse 10 Berlin, Berlin, 10587, Germany phone: +49.1805007677 fax: +49.3088615345 Record last updated on: 2006-03-23 11:25:11 Record expires on: 2007-01-16 07:18:03 Domain servers in listed order: ns.serverkompetenz.de ns2.serverkompetenz.de
  19. I saw this at ISC and think it is cool. http://www.videx.com 1 Key to many offices YES Remove access for a user remotely YES Have time controls for accessing the office YES Proximity Key fob or even an electronic key would work YES Detailed logging of entry (if possible to a central server) YES
  20. joe4

    Unsecured Wireless Networks

    Google ARP. http://www.watchguard.com/infocenter/editorial/135250.asp BTW 99% of ATM, Bank, Local Store, 7-11 have allready encripted your data BEFORE sending it over a public network such as the internet. Credit card companys asume the intnernet is unsecure because it is public and program with that in mind so it does not matter if it goes over wireless. It is a bigger problem that your watier steels the number than a hacker.
  21. I went to my first conference. It was fun and found some stuff I can use. It was hard to find anything truly different most was just DVR and Cameras. I enjoyed talking with professionals (I am not) about IP vs. Analog. This is how most went. Me: Why do I want IP? Pro: You only need to pull one cable and use poe Me: I pull Siamese Pro: Infrastructure already exists Me: I would only run IP on its own network separate from voice and data. Pro: Why? Me: Bandwidth, QOS, If one network goes down the others still work. Most business would care more that bank transactions are being processed instead of the video being captured. Pro:Puts processing power at the device. Me: We can all get cheap good power from Dell  The classes I did on Thursday where a waste of time. The geovision one was a joke, only about 25 minutes long and was on the level to teach a 12 year old about a DVR. I went to a class about a Hospital that converted to IP and saved tons of money this was a bigger joke, the money was saved because a in-house guy pulled the cat5 and they used the existing network. They did not calculate the lose of network bandwidth or use of the equipment. THAT IS CRAZY if someone said I need 10 % of your network I would calculate the cost and consider that in the price. I would image the hospital has at least a 6 figure network and 10 percent is going to a big chunk of change. I am from IT and new to CCTV, we both have some preconceived notions about each other. The CCTV guys keep saying get IT involved and they run the network and all devices on it. Being form IT I would tell the CCTV guy he cannot use anything of mine, if he wants IP make his own network and run it separate. I would also expect them to be able to this without any of my departments help. I do not see any reason to work together, keep security separate. Overall I will go again but they will never get my money for a class.
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    My 2 cents on ISC West 2006

    I thought it was crazy that alot the demo setups looked out of focus. I think they had the VP of sales doing installs, I would have my best tech there to do the setup. I also saw a rack that was wired nice and neat, must have had 30U of gear in it then they toped it off with a good ol $49.99 linksys router just laying ontop. I aggree with Thomas, IP has its place. The geo people talked about ATM's as a good place for IP,where haveing a DVR would increase the cost vs. alot of locations useing ip and a central DVR. The smoke room was very cool, I would like to rig one to my car. www.robberstopper.com Geo had a DVR with xp embeded that was the size of a VCR doing 8 channels. I have never seen that before. The electronic locks that did not reqire power was also cool. They even showed me how to program the key via the internet on her PDA useing IR.
  23. FYI If you access the forum via cctvforum.com and not www.cctvforum.com the cookie for you login does not work.
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    Demo a Geo..

    http://www.zdsoft.com/screen-recorder/ Fast and Free. The video will look choppy if your pc you make the recording on is not fast.