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  1. WDRJack

    GV800 Video help

    Download and run the newest software V8.7.4. That V8.5.6.0 is way too old. BTW, V4.45 card works with 64bit with no issues.
  2. GV-Eye for IOS and Android now supports GV-DVR/NVR (V8.6 or later). Just installed on iphone and much improved over the old GV-iView.
  3. I have 6 new leftover Bosch LTC 0498/21 box camera with Bosch LTC3364/40 2.8-11mm lens. Brand new still factory sealed for $219.99 ea set or best offer. Pm me for details. Jack
  4. Hi looking for about 30 new clear or smoke domes for Pelco ICS090 dome camera. I think it's the same as the IS90 domes. Shipping is to 06604. Thanks, Jack
  5. WDRJack

    New in box Panasonic WV-CW484S

    New in box Panasonic WV-CW484S dome camera- $299 free shipping anywhere in lower 48 states. PM me for details.
  6. Ok, thanks guys! Both outputs looked good while testing it in the office. I'm just a little worried about the analog output part (Panasonic calls it "Monitor for Adjustment Output Connector") and will leave it on all night to make sure. Jack
  7. Does anyone see any issues running a Panasonic WV-NP502 Ip and analog simultaneously? I've heard certain Panasonic cameras doesn't allow/lose certain function on the test/analog output. I have a 6 camera system and want to just replace the front door camera for better facial recognition (feeding analog to Geovsion and IP to Milestone at the same time). Jack
  8. Yup, that would definately work. It's like using the WV-CW484F instead.
  9. WDRJack

    How Can I Display Six Cameras Live View On One 32" LCD

    I run 8 cameras into a Bosch/Philips LTC2632/90 9 channel multiplexer with its output into a Geovision GV-800. The video from the multiplexer runs into a Pelco crt monitors. Bosch/Philips 9 ch multiplexer runs 1, 4, 7, or 9 ch in quad mode. It does not have a 6 ch quad mode option like the Geovision does. Bosch/Philips has a 6 ch quad that does 6 ch display but that's limited to a max of 6 ch. I sequence each cameras full screen for 2 seconds as it's much more viewable than the quad mode. Also keep in mind your picture is going to be stretched on your 32" lcd because of it's aspect ratio.
  10. WDRJack

    Panasonic WV-CW484

    I think he meant the wv-cw484s (surface mount dome) or the wv-cw484f (flush mount dome). These are the same as the wv-cp484 (box) except in a dome configuration. One of the best WDR cameras. I have some new ones listed in the classified.
  11. Finally got a good picture using the inner wire of the white rca wire with the inner wire of the power wire to make the 24vac power wire. Hopefully, it will stay that way. Thanks for all the help!
  12. WDRJack

    repairing a ganz ZC-D3210PHA

    ZC-D3210PHA is a PAL format camera. Stating the obvious, have you tried testing it with the detachable service monitor cable to a portable service monitor? Jack
  13. Do I have to use NVT's baluns or could I use another company's balun for the other end of the run (built in NVT module in camera)? Also, could you use the service monitor cable as a permanent video output?
  14. I didn't have time to continue on the install today but was so curious what you guys said about the wire that I decided to swing by and clip the 3 in one 1 wire in the center where they bunch up. To my surprise, there were only 4 wires (24 AWG each)- a red, a black, a yellow and a white running the whole length. WTF? Now it makes sense because last time I tried to double up on the wires (using whites both wire as one for a + and using yellows both wire for a -), the transformer green light would not even light up. I won't get a chance again till next Monday but I now know the baluns should work since I have 4 wires to work from.
  15. Thanks for the great ideas guys. Since I'm doing this for free (spend as little time as possible) and my friend doesn't want to spend much money, I'm going to try in this order: 1. Use inner wire of the white rca wire with the inner wire of the yellow rca wire to make the 24vac power wire. These wires are like miniature versions of rg59 wires where there is braided wire covering an inner wire. Hopefully the AC alternates won't bleed over to the video signal since there is more insulation between the two. 2. Use good quality baluns (Videobaluns Unlimited BL3365) that I have sitting around using same wires as above. 3. Run new Siamese cable and tie it to the existing cable and pull it through as a last option. Short of cutting the 3 in 1 wire open in the center where all three wires merge to look at, is it possible these wires share a ground (perhaps the white and yellow wire)? They look similar to these except thinner http://www2.cop-usa.com/ebproductdetail.asp?id=291