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GV800 Video help

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Having an issue on reinstalling my GV800 V4.45 16 port card in a Win 7 machine. Long story short, I had this setup at my place of business a few years back. This is the exact machine and exact cards and exact cameras. I pulled this system when I closed the business and it has been sitting in a closet ever since. Well yesterday I decided that I wanted to install this camera system here at the house. It had a bunch of other stuff on it that I was running at the office as well and I decided I didn't need all that so I decided that the "easiest" way was to just reinstall Win 7 and start off with a fresh machine. After the fresh install, I went to install the software. Drivers seemed to install just fine, everything in the >device manager area is working just fine. The GV 800 system program installed just fine. I initialized the cameras that I have temporarily have connected, which is 3 sitting here in the office.


But when I start the program, all I get is a single frame on each video feed. It seems to be grabbing that single frame right on startup. I do not get any other streaming no matter what I do in the configurations. If I close the program down and restart it, I get a new single frame. I am about to rip my hair out trying to figure out what is going on with this. I have reinstalled Codec's, card drivers, etc but I still can not get the camera's to feed video.


I have tried to search this forum for answers and a lot of answers seem to stem around fake cards. I can assure you that my card is not fake. It was purchased from a reputable local company here in town and from everything that has been mentioned here regarding holograms, QC stickers, etc, my card has them. I have the manual, the box, both wiring pigtails as well.


Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated.


Here is my current setup

Dell Inspiron Pentium Dual Core 5700 @3.00GHz

4 gig ram


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

All updates have been completed


Geovision GV800 4.45 16 port

Geovision Multicam Surveillance System V8.5.6.0

Dongle info GV-IP cameras authorized 32

3rd party Cameras 0

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A year late and a dollar short, but from what I've researched the 650/800 doesn't play nice with 64 bit. Do you know If it was 64 bit win7 when you had it installed in your business?

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Download and run the newest software V8.7.4.

That V8.5.6.0 is way too old.


BTW, V4.45 card works with 64bit with no issues.

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