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  1. I think your not understanding us. In order to actually playback sub stream on the mobile app, you need to record to the sub stream in the NVR. We are simply mentioning this and you keep telling us that you can play back no problem. Are you actually saying that you only record on the main stream and able to play back the sub stream on GDMSS? I highly doubt that is the fact cause if your not recording onto both streams in the NVR, you will not be able to playback both streams. And the reason to playback sub stream on the mobile device is because it's less resolution so it should come up faster to playback. In my iphone, I have playback main stream checked and when I playback, it works just fine so I keep it at that and have my sub stream NOT recording onto my NVR.
  2. I'm not sure about the data, but if you plan on playing back video and you set it to extra, are you recording to the extra stream? If your not, you will not be able to playback video on the phone.
  3. I have done that as well and still people seem to appear and disappear out of nowhere.
  4. luckyfella

    Wiring 24V-AC Adapter?

    Now I see why you want to remain anonymous!
  5. luckyfella

    I need help with this PTZ dome

    Looks like a Hitatchi, lol
  6. I am aware of the scale down on the timeline. PSS does not have that option though I believe, no? But, I'm talking about sitting through 24 hours of video, rather than motion events. How would recording to the sub stream help with constant recording though? All I see recording to sub stream is so the mobile app would be able to play back recorded video alittle smoother. I've been setting the mobile app to play main stream when vewing back and it's not that bad. And, my customers are looking for the minimum of one month recording, so depending on how many cameras, I've installed two 4tb hdd's in some circumstances.
  7. luckyfella

    Wiring 24V-AC Adapter?

    What are you trying to power? Does it accept A/C ?
  8. I totally agree with Shock. All of my indoor controlled setting close up shots work perfect. The times I notice most of the problems are from outdoor cameras that have a large FOV. That is a great idea for scheduling motion and constant, but won't work for an outdoor camera with 24 hour activity. I do have a few customers that I have large HDD space and constant recording 24/7 and we can go back a couple of months, but thats a PITA for playing back video. It's things like this that make me want to try a different brand, but I dahua so well and have so many of their products out there, I would hate to switch at this point. Plus, I keep thinking they will find a fix for this motion det issue.
  9. I recently did a job and upon playback, I saw the guy walking to his car and than it disappeared. I have the latest firmware on the camera and the latest on the NVR. I have sensitivity set to max, pre record at 10 and record latch to 20. It's crazy to have to do this, but I'm testing things out using this NVR as an example. The guy is a friend of mine and he has 3 cameras with a 3tb drive so I'm not too worried about eating up hdd space. I just want the motion detection to work 100 percent properly. I do have the cameras anti dither set at 0 and even though the NVR shows me that lowest is 5, if I check the NVR, it shows 0. I'm also testing out recording at 30fps and 6144kbps. I'll see how that works out by tomorrow hopefully. Meanwhile, my local distributor received a response from Dahua today regarding my past issues. They told him that there must be network issues at the site! LOL!
  10. If your on a budget, I've been pretty happy with 3.6 fixed. The close the camera is to something, the tighter the shot, the further away it is, it gets a nice FOV.
  11. I'm having a few issues as well here and there. People disappear out of no where, or people pop up out of no where. I have played around with pre record, record delay, record latch, anti dither, and sensitivity. I just can't seem to find a happy medium. I am leaning towards that the anti dither is letting me take it down to 0 on some of the systems and 5 is the lowest I can go. That means, there has to be 5 continuous seconds of motion so the NVR keeps recording. I have my local distributor contacting Dahua to see if there is anyway to disable that feature. I mean why have that option if we have a sensitivity setting? There are way too many options to prevent false motion triggers, but not enough to make the motion recording spot on.
  12. luckyfella

    Updated Idmss for iphone

    It still have ptz controls, I just do not see where the arrows are any longer. And there was a quick tip to swipe the screen if you want to move left right up or down. Zoom in and out are still there.
  13. So, what does everyone think? The full screen when sideways is nice, video playback on the 5.00 app is nice, SIXTEEN cameras at once is NICE even though they are microscopic! But, they took away the PTZ controls for left and right. You must use finger swipe.
  14. luckyfella

    Dahua SD42212S-HN 2MP / 12x optical mini dome

    Sent you a PM, let me know what you think.
  15. luckyfella

    Dahua SD42212S-HN 2MP / 12x optical mini dome

    It looks like the IR's are behind the tinted window around the lens of the PTZ. I like that they went that route with the black so at night, it's harder to follow the camera. With the right situation, I was considering painting the entire camera black as the top half if white. Dahua has different versions of this PTZ, I ordered the 2mp - 30x optical version. I wish they had a 3mp - 36x cause I currently have a 2mp 30x on my terrace for demo.