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  1. rbnjr


    signal converters, the part moves 2 wires to BNC connector so why is it called by some "Baluns" just wondering.
  2. rbnjr


    I have changed dvr's and the new one does not have a RS485 port to control the PTZ cam. what options are best to control the PTZ? thank you.
  3. I really don't want to waste anyone's time, if anyone can get the dvr cameras to my smartphone i will pay them via paypal or some method. there seems to be talent here and really dont have time to learn all the gorey details if why and how the ports and protocols all work, i just need it to happen asap as security at the house has been a problem with someone destroying a number of trees and stealing things. so when the cameras are on my telephone you get paid..we can talk how much but lets just say im motivated. thanks all.
  4. the coax is actually labeled rg6...wish it was that simple too. i ordered the wire Bulk Outdoor RG6 + Power Siamese Cable, 1000 ft Spool. any other ideas?
  5. rbnjr

    greetings from mukilteo wa

    thanks for all the ideas, the dvr is setup for dyndns. the manual says port 80 and 9000 need to be forwarded. no word about a 3rd one.the dvr is model H264- a generic one i guess as the manual does not mention models. i did paste all the specs for it in another section of the forums. I really would like someone to walk me thru the steps and i can verify all is good. my smartphone is a Samsung galaxy S2 that has a broadband g4 connection and a app to view the cameras will be needed as well. basically if my phone will view my cams im done since that is the main reason for getting a smart phone as i see it..i can go on vacation and check out the house. thanks much!
  6. I tried these tools and the connector still slips off, what's up?
  7. not sure if this is the right category but if i can attach a image to this post i could show what tools im using to terminate the connections with and could get recommendations. basically the compression fitting does not hold the wires after the crinp is done.... not sure whats wrong. thank you.
  8. rbnjr

    my dvr

    DVR Specifications: Video/Audio Video System NTSC A/V Compression Format Video: H.264/ Audio 8KHz*16bit ADPCM Display Resolution D1: 704x576(PAL) 704x480(NTSC) Record Resolution D1/HD1/CIF Recording Total Frame Rate: NTSC: 120 fps@D1, 240 fps@HD1, 480 fps@CIF Recording Recording Mode Always/scheduled/motion, Alarm, Net-viewer record Pack Time 15/30/45/60min (adjustable) Playback Mode Normal play, Fast Forward, Rewind and slow play frame by frame Backup Support flash drive an Removable HDD Alarm Alarm mode Motion/sensor triggered/Video loss/HDD Full, HDD Error Network Network Function Support Mobile surveillance, Remote Live surveillance and parameter setting Network Protocol TCP/IP, DHCP, UDP, DDNS, PPPOE System Port Video Input/Output 16CH BNC Input/2CH BNC Output/1CH VGA Output or 1CH HDMI Output Audio Input/Output 16CH Input/2CH Output Alarm Input/Output 16CH Input/1CH Output; HDD Support SATA HDD (NOT INCLUDED); Ethernet One RJ-45 10M/100M/1000M USB 2.0 Port Supports USB mouse, USB flash drive backup and upgrade PTZ Control Built-in RS-485 port, supports PELCO-P & PELCO-D General Parameter Power Adapter DC 12V 5A Working Temperature 50˚F to 104˚F (10˚C to 40˚C) Working Humidity 10%~90% Power Consumption 10 ~ 15W (exclude HDD) Dimension (W x D x H) 430 x 380 x 70mm. sorry for the boring description, it was purchased from amazon as a basic unit, no frills. and im hoping to make it work..
  9. I am setting up a cctv system using a wired system with rg6 Siamese wire and compression connections. i wish to view the cameras remotely using my smart phone and any computer with a internet connection. those are my goals and its my hope to make it happen. i use a stand alone dvr with a internet connection, i have access to my router using the ip address, i navigate to the port forwarding screens and have tried many ports to attempt this. i can access the dvr via its ip address, i have setup a dyndns account to have a host name. this process just gets more convoluted to me and i get confused by the logic of it. i have loaded the viewer software to see the cams on the macbook pro at home. if i am needing anything i will be happy to get it. if their is a way to automate this process please tell me as this is getting to be too much. phew! hope im not the only one stuck.