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  1. Well I am enjoying my Hikvision 3mp during the day, at night I am absolutely displeased with how bad the night vision is. Looking at a few posts up with the truck, how did you achieve such a nighttime image? any additional IR boxes. I ran cat 7 and with a core i7 4790 using a software nvr, I still get a lot of pretty bad images at night. Frustrated... again
  2. hi there. Can someone post the user name and pw for the Hikvision FTP, not our cameras
  3. the Hik NVR I am using has 16 POE built in. I have yet to find a switch that has 16 full POE. Any suggestions for an NVR with enough bandwidth
  4. thank you all for the tips. Its getting better but I am still almost regretting pulling out my HD-SDI system The night time live view is absolutely horrid. I cannot understand why its so bad. And I just looked at the specs. You are correct its limited to 80mbps so in this case, would I be better off getting a 16 port poe and drive it with a computer using a software solution?
  5. and this is happening both with live viewing from the NVR and with remote view. I suspect I need to adjust my router to give priority to the NVR?
  6. Hi there If you get a chance could you check your settings. avs?
  7. DS-7716NI-SP Its happening on both, viewing it via the NVR and also with remote viewing. The bullets are at 30fps and the turrets at 20fps
  8. anyone? Really would appreciate the help The nighttime images are so shockingly poor from these cameras. I have to be doing something wrong
  9. Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes. I am just on the tail end of changing out my entire 16 channel/16 cam HD-SDI system with a full Hikvision 3mp cam and 16 channel NVR. Because I do not want to go through another cabling change, I purposely went with Cat7 all the way around. I even have done cat7 from the NVR to my Netgear nighthawk 7000 router which has a gigabit connection. Its for future proofing alone. So I have 13 cameras up right now and with each channel in live view, I am getting a second or two freeze every 10 seconds or so. I have moved the bit rates way down (had them all at 12288 and couldnt even get more than 8 cams up) and now in the 2k range. I am not sure if its a router setting (upnp or Qos) but with the network I have the backbone certainly seems big enough to handle this and with no stutter Its interesting to note, my HD-SDI running at 2mp had zero freeze? Cant figure this out 3mp Hik bullets and 3mp turrets
  10. One of my cameras get a LOT of light from a street light about 40 feet away from where one of my cameras is. I cant move the camera so I am wondering is it best to leave it in color mode full time. BW seems to really struggle due to so much light comments
  11. http://www.costco.com/.product.100087415.html?cm_sp=RichRelevance-_-itempageVerticalRight-_-CategorySiloedViewPurchaseCP&cm_vc=itempageVerticalRight|CategorySiloedViewPurchaseCP new lorex 16 channel system with 9 cams for under 2k
  12. suzook

    HD-SDI Trade offs vs IP

    love the fast response. I did leave the shutter to auto as once I moved it to other settings the picture got a little wonky. I am curious to see how it looks in daylight hours........ more tinkering !!!!!
  13. suzook

    HD-SDI Trade offs vs IP

    well I think I made some headway to night. I set up a camera in my office and just played with settings. The NR does help a good amount. I also realize now when you said tight focus. I dial the cameras in night mode to be ever so slightly out of focus (with still looking good) and when the lights come on the focus is almost perfect. I guess thats the trade off.... So the tweaking continues and I am thankful I found you all for help and moral support.... P.S. can we embed pics here with img code?
  14. suzook

    HD-SDI Trade offs vs IP

    that pdf is a great help. Most of it is still over my head but I hope I can make sense of it
  15. suzook

    HD-SDI Trade offs vs IP

    shock, I really appreciate it. you and everyone else have been so very helpful. Want to fly down to Orlando on my dime to tweak