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  1. I have a client who needs to convert H264 files into something more PC friendly. We upgraded his old system but they had an incident and although we've downloaded the file we cannot open it even after trying a few converters. I need an application that can convert H264 files. (20141119_110000_ps.h264) Any assistance would be appreciated!
  2. Guys, I urgently need a user guide or installation manual for the above. I installed an additional PTZ and cannot get it focused. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. rebel998

    Issue with WAN connection to DVR

    And you have either a static IP or DDNS running?
  4. rebel998

    Reset a brand-less CCTV DVR

    Remove the internal battery and leave powered down for a few days. This should allow the eprom to lose all previous settings and reset back to default. Then try the basic default passwords like 1111, 0000, 0123 etc.
  5. rebel998


    Maybe hes not saving the setup to the routers flash? Router loses settings after reset.
  6. rebel998

    Hey from India

  7. rebel998

    port forwarding trubles

    You might need to run an add on? Or active-x issues? Have you tried logging in with the DVR client?
  8. rebel998

    H.264 DVR Password Reset

    Take the battery out and leave it for a week or more, then re-install the battery and power up. The password is 0123
  9. rebel998

    reset or passowrd defullt H.264

    This is what I did: Unplug DVR. Remove internal battery Leave unpowered for a few days. (Left mine for a week) Then install the internal battery and power up the unit. Username should be "admin" with "0123" as password.
  10. rebel998

    reset or passowrd defullt H.264

    I have an exact same unit with the same problem.
  11. Both DVRs need to be in the same IP range if you want to use the same WAN for entry from outside.
  12. You need to froward the ports on your router. ( Are you able to get into the router's config?
  13. If you are not using the audio, it might be worth a try using those leads?