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  1. acmaster

    Outrageous quote for camera installation! HELP!

    Seems a bit rich but depends on the equipment selected. My guess is you should be able to do a lot better.
  2. acmaster

    Small Office System

    Hi, I need to protect a small retail office. Interior is rectangular and then two exterior doors. I am looking at 4 interior cameras, most likely ceiling mount but could be wall mount. And two outdoor cameras covering the doors and parking area (30 ft away). Budget is fairly open within reason. I'm looking for good quality day and night cameras minimum 3MP, a NVR suggestion that has good playback capabilities and good mobile remote capabilities from and Iphone. I have experience with Hik cameras and was thinking the 2732 vari-dome but not sure what other 'better' options might be out there. Would you use the 2732 indoors as well? I'm also unsure of the Hikvision NVR quality. Any thoughts?
  3. acmaster

    Hikvision 2332 Time Setting

    V5.1.2 build 140116 in one camera and V5.1.0 build 131202 in the other (this is the latest I see on Hik site)
  4. acmaster

    Acti E77 Cameras for Sale $250

    I have brand new ACTi E77 10MP outdoor dome cameras available. I simply bought too many and looking to get my cost out of them. They have never been used. I can provide more details if interested.
  5. acmaster

    First Security Camera System

    FWIW, Those Hikvision cameras are excellent value for the price. Paired with the NVR is the easiest way to go. I believe some of their models include a POE switch in the NVR. Swann at Costco is Hikvision. I'm not sure how it compares with the 3mp models mentioned but that might also be a cost effective way to go. W
  6. I've asked several installers about the type of Cat 5e/6 cable that they use for residential deployments. All of them said standard Ethernet. I asked whether plenum cable is necessary for a residential installation and they said no. I've seen some differing opinions. What type of Ethernet cable should be used for residential runs? thanks....
  7. Why plenum cables for a residential install. I understand the benefits of plenum but is it a must? Also can you use standard ends/ connectors?
  8. I am running in to issues where there are gaps in the Milestone recording that can last a few minutes to a few hours. I currently only have 2 HIK 2332 cameras on the system but the recording drops for both simultaneously and then comes back. Sometimes the drops are not exactly simultaneously. I suppose it could be my switch but has anyone seen anything like this?
  9. acmaster

    Security Camera Recommendations

    Certainly visibility acts as a deterrent. Unless of course you are suspicious of an employee which in that case better to know who than to deter.
  10. acmaster

    Poor Mans LPR

    The solution would be to switch profiles. Thanks for the suggestions. I will give it a try this week. a
  11. Thanks Max, Interesting you should mention MD. I am finding with Milestone, it is very inconsistent. Even when sensitivity is set down I'm seeing it log motion when none is there. Not sure if its the shadows triggering it. Also when there was legs and feet in the upper part of the screen it didn't detect it as motion. I'm sure I've just got to get the settings down since I'm new to it. If I can fix my BI issues I will give it another go but unfortunately my time is running out with it. Currently it does not connect to any of my Hik cameras. I keep getting address errors. a
  12. I was running H.264 but for some reason it kept switching to MJPEG. I've never quite figured out why I was getting the screen. I wonder if Lemm figured it out. I then ran in to issues with BI and Hik and eventually shelved the problem and started playing with Milestone Go. Everything came up fine with Go.
  13. I have two similar Hik cameras getting their time from the Microsoft time server. In order for them to have the same time, I have to set one for DST and one without both set for EST? They are using different firmware. One is using a newer firmware not available on the Hikvision site. It came with the camera. Any explanation for this?
  14. acmaster


    Are they all the same subnet?
  15. I have no suggestions for you but while we are at it, whoever answers can you recommend a reliable NTP IP Address.