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  1. http://www.smarthomecabling.com/VDS6500.htm FS VDS6500.pdf
  2. foresight

    cctv cabling using cat5 cable

    Even the Coax can't handle the Hi interference. You may can try using Active Receiver. Some Active Receiver can handle some interference well.
  3. foresight

    HD-SDI over RG59 Coax and Baluns

    By using the HD-SDI repeater, you can repeat up to 1KM
  4. For distance running over 100M, always recommend run 24VAC and use step down PC1A to 12VDC. You can run upto 300M without lose power.
  5. foresight

    Ftp question!

    Yes, the STP Cable should be fine for 60M.
  6. If distance is not too far, you can use it. UTP Balun can used on CAT3 or any twisted cable.
  7. foresight

    good morning, good afternoon, good evening!

    Welcome! " title="Applause" />
  8. foresight


    Did you check the power supply on the Garage? Change to big Amp. The IR suck more juice.
  9. foresight

    I am at wits end! Who can help me please?

    Try change VGA Cable, I guess maybe the VGA Signal too week.
  10. foresight

    Cable for Internet connection

    You do can use the Coax Cable to transmit the Ethernet Signal, by using our IP02, you can easy get 100Mbps Rate http://www.foresight-cctv.com/IP%20Camera%20Cabling%20Solution.htm
  11. foresight

    what is coaxitron command?

    Sending Video/Power/Data over One Coax Cable.
  12. So far we only have 2 analogue Video can go one coax. But You can run 4 IP Cameras over one the Coax Cable up to 1.8KM for 100mbps
  13. foresight

    1500' Cat5 video loss

    Thanks for the recommendation. Which active balun you'd recommend? Thanks For distance, you can use the Active receiver only. Most of time, I recommend under 1,000 feet, Passive Tx +Passive Rx 1,000 to 2,000 feet, Passive Tx +Active Rx. over 2,000 feet, Active Tx+Active Tx
  14. foresight

    1500' Cat5 video loss

    Yes, you are right, even run the AC power over CAT5 is tricky. You can try 3 pairs for power and run 24VAC power, it can reach 1,000 feet no problem. Use the regulated power step-down to convert 24VAC to 12DC for 12VDC camera.
  15. and transmit the Power and Video over the same