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  1. Hi, The unit you have is not powerful enough to display all 4 5MP camera main streams. You would need a DS-7608NI-I2(/8P) to display all main streams at once.
  2. Please message if you have experience. 5 Camera install in the Baltimore area. Would greatly appreciate a quick response. Many thanks. James
  3. ezCCTV

    Vista 32 and Gv-1480

    When you say "camera monitor" are you refering to the spot monitor output (RCA connector) or the VGA output? Can you please post all your computer specs. Graphics card etc.
  4. ezCCTV

    FPS - in - Post Your Tested PC

    When you cannot get more than 10FPS per camera, what resolution are you recording in?
  5. ezCCTV

    Is Geovision 8.2 software 64 Bit compatible?

    GeoVision is not 64bit compatible.
  6. You would need to purchase a GV-NVR-1 IP camera dongle. This will allow you to add a supported AXIS camera to your 8.2 installation. Which IP camera are you looking at. I will look at compatibility.
  7. ezCCTV

    Cannot Move Geovision Window to Another Monitor

    Default is C:\GVxxxx\DMpos.exe xxxx = GeoVision card range
  8. The highest resolution you can record at on GeoVision with IP is 1280 * 960 (1.3 megapixel) I am not sure how a 3MP camera would differ in quality. The images are 3 times the resolution of standard analoge cameras, and look alot sharper.
  9. ezCCTV

    Geovision Slows Mouse Cursor

    What motherboard are you using in your setup?
  10. All GeoVision cards running software 8.2 can add IP cameras. For free you can add any GeoVision IP device, or for a cost you can add the likes of Sony, AXIS, Mobotix etc. The Hybrid card is a legacy addon card now and gave the user the ability to record in Hardware encoded MPEG2.
  11. ezCCTV

    Cannot Move Geovision Window to Another Monitor

    You can run the GeoVIsion software on a second monitor using the DMPos application found in the Installation directory.
  12. ezCCTV

    Remote PTZ Control

    You need to resolve the Camera Mapping PTZ control problem first. This feature basically tells the GeoVision software what camera ports are PTZ cameras, which address and protocol they are working on. Click on Camera Mapping PTZ Dome in the Menu Select the camera channel Select the Address of the camera Select the protocol of the camera Once this is done, you need to tick the box you previously mentioned under the Video tab of the webcam server (allowed PTZ)
  13. ezCCTV

    POS V3E - Always have to print receipts?????

    If you have a second printer output on your POS, connect the V3E to this port. You will need to cross over some wires on the RS232 connection. Usually pins 4 and 6, 7 and 8 (9 Pin DSUB)
  14. ezCCTV

    where to buy from

    Where are you based?
  15. ezCCTV

    GV1240 Crashes, Crashes, Crashes...

    A few things.. 1. Is the system stable without the GV card installed? 2. Can you try moving the card to a different PCI slot? 3. Check to see if there are any BIOS updates for your motherboard. 4. I cannot see why a GV card would cause the hard drives to fail. 5. The chipset is fine. Do you have any other machines that are Intel chipset based to try the card on. If all this fails, then I suggest you may have a faulty card, or motherboard.