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  1. mr.surveillance

    help identify 4Ch DVR please....

    I sold DVMR4 (looked different) years back and the defalt password was 1 then enter or menu. (yes just 1). I hope it works.
  2. mr.surveillance

    Newbie : Power tx problems

    Have you tested the voltage on the camera end with the camera connected? If its a cable problem it may check OK with no load and only show a voltage drop when the camera is drawing power through it. Good Luck!
  3. mr.surveillance

    Black Horizontal Lines on Cameras.

    If this is a 12vdc camera try a larger power supply (higher current rating) and be sure its regulated.
  4. mr.surveillance

    Please Help Me....I am so confused

    We don't have normal idiots around here. I think your idiots are smarter than our idiots.
  5. mr.surveillance

    Internet in space!

    Jeannie was a hotty in her day. Don't mean to ruin yours but Barbara Eden turned 74 in August.
  6. mr.surveillance

    Please Help Me....I am so confused

    Personally I recommend stand alones, (not the cheap ones). Too many of my clients and their associates have people around the equipment resulting in a high "IF" which leads to excessive PC DVR problems and failures. Someone should develop some good software to protect PCs against "IF" and they should market it to both the CCTV and computer industry. (hopefully it would come with free updates).
  7. mr.surveillance

    cop security

    Are you using a router or going directly to the computer? If you are using a router be sure to forward the port & ip address. If you are going directly into the computer be sure to use a crossover cable.
  8. mr.surveillance

    how safe are NIR LEDs?

    I think all is fine unless you stare at the leds for a prolonged time. I used to make IR flashlights for use with night vision, you could damage the image intensifier if you pointed the IR flashlight at it too much, especially at close range. Don't stare at the light, whether you can see it or not. This is fairly old: Infrared Light and Eye Safety: In principle there could be danger for the eye, because infrared light is not registered by the eye, and thus the pupil won't close in order to protect the retina from bright IR light sources. This is the same situation as with UV light, which will cause snow blindness eventually, but in contrast to UV light, IR light contains much less harmful energy due to its longer wavelength.
  9. mr.surveillance

    Red Neck Smoke Detector!

    I've seen these before. The smoke detector in the picture is improperly installed, you have to remove the cardboard label before mounting or it wont work.
  10. mr.surveillance

    weird problem that i cant get my head around

    Did you try a ground loop isolator as scorpion suggested? Your monitor probably has a switch mode power supply and is allowing a small amount of AC to leak in.
  11. mr.surveillance

    G4-LTA software, need help!!!

    What speed does the computer operate at? You say AMD processor, it must be pentium 3 or higher equivalent.You need XP and IE6 or higher (will not work with firefox etc.) and I think you will need at least 512 ram. These units won't work on many older computers. Also: IE go to security and allow or prompt all activX be sure your firewall and router a arent blocking connection. These have been pretty good machines and haven't had any glitches. Good luck!
  12. mr.surveillance

    Forum down time

    My 1and1 website was down at about the same time. They said they were having problems with some of their servers. The strange thing is the 1and websites I did for my clients were all working perfectly.
  13. mr.surveillance

    12vdc camera's interferring

    If the power supply is a switching type try using a supply with a power transformer. I had a simular problem with wireless motion detectors that used the same approx frequency. It turnes out that the switching type power supply was generating some type of RFI. Good Luck!
  14. mr.surveillance

    500mA or 1A ? Does it really matter?

    As a general rule I try to use a power supply that is rated at least double the maximum camera draw. Don't forget cameras with IR illumination draw more current at night! In past experience if the power supply was rated at the same or close to the cameras current draw I would be out replacing power supplies within 6 months.
  15. Use the cheap plug & play cable that looks like audio cable. Have had them running 3+ years on customers residence doors. No problems.