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  1. davidhu

    I am Chinese

    Dear macalarm,our DVR has a client,and you can add more than 2 DVR's IP address in the software,and using this software you can view through net. if you want to know detail,you can contact me,my msn is :david_huhg@hotmail.com
  2. davidhu

    Anyone Seen Thomas?

    I also want to access dealer part.
  3. davidhu


    Glad to meet you,,sir,
  4. davidhu

    Canadian Eh!

    hi,I am David working for AB Group in China designing and developing CCTV product.
  5. davidhu

    I am Chinese

    I am here,,, ,how are you,scorpion?
  6. davidhu

    I am Chinese

    I am David,from AB in Hangzhou China,designing and developing cctv product.I am very keen to make friends with you.I wanna improve my English skills.especially oral English skills.