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  1. There is actually this thread going on currently that explains this pretty well. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=36363
  2. Nice special effect with the Batman / Robin. I like it. I figured I'd update it in case anyone comes across it. It is good to know.
  3. Geovision IP Cameras work as ONVIF in most leading VMS products.
  4. Looking forward to it... We are Booth # 15138
  5. sal

    Hello from Italy

    Forza Italia!
  6. sal

    Any good manufactures?

    Or you can get setup with a distributor that stocks all the brands I mentioned, is reliable, offers reseller pricing for online resellers, and drop ships for you.
  7. We've been carrying the Topaz Line from GE and it seems nice. We are installing a demo in our office to play with more. Any experiences with this system. The config seems really simple and the software seems to have any feature I can think of.
  8. sal

    Any good manufactures?

    Tier 1 Axis Sony Bosch GE panasonic Pelco Dedicated Micros JVC Sanyo etc. Tier 1.5 Samsung (GVI or Techwin Whatever) Tier 2 Nuvico Everfocus Lilin Speco Vitek KT&C etc. Tier 3 Brown Box Generic (Made up Names)
  9. Just kind of an FYI, Dedicated Micros does offer an excellent 3 Year Advance RMA policy to help counteract for the fact that you are not supposed to fix hard drives yourself.
  10. sal

    Speco vs Bosch

    Do you mean CPCam?
  11. great points. Avermedia is definitely an expert when it comes to video quality and they are catching up in terms of software and features.
  12. sal


    oh i see, i see, now the price makes more sense at least. thanks for clearing that up, i should not have assumed.
  13. sal

    Sal from Digital Watchguard

    my wife has him on such a routine, little dude sleeps all night.
  14. sal


    the only camera i can see is a parked car. how far is that camera from the car?