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  1. Maplins are not trading now, thats why there is no support for Sentient products. I have a Sentient 8 channel DVR. I am upgrading my system with a Swann CCTV system. Martin
  2. Hi, I have a Sentient 8channel DVR, bought from Maplins 5 years ago. At present I only use two channels on the DVR, one camera at the front of house,and one at the rear. Seems to be a problem with the camera at the rear,in that there are horizontal lines across the monitor, but not that bad that I cannot see images okay though. The other channel is okay, and shows normal on the monitor. So just wondering if there is a problem with the camera. I do have a spare camera that I can try, but if I need a new camera, what type would I need. The one at the rear is a 420TVL camera,so not hd. Also everything recording normally. Thanks Martin
  3. mfb1

    Dome camera installation

    I think the dome camera will be adequate enough.
  4. mfb1

    Dome camera installation

    I already have a dome camera, so planning to install that one now. thanks Martin
  5. mfb1

    Dome camera installation

    I am going to mount it under the eve away from the window, but pointing downward. Thanks Martin
  6. mfb1

    Dome camera installation

    Yes, it does have IR, thanks Martin
  7. Hi, I have a bullet type camera covering our rear garden. I intend to install a dome camera at the front of our house, installing it under the roof eves. If it was installed on the eves near a bedroom window, would this effect the operationof the camera,or would it need to be away from the window? Thanks Martin
  8. mfb1

    remote viewing

    Sorted this out now, it was settings on DVR, but how they changed, I don't know.
  9. My first post. I have a sentient 8ch dir, and my isp is sky. At the moment, I cannot view my cctv from my home network, it is okay on my mobile phone network, and this morning I have been out, and using another wi-fi connection and it was working okay, just does not work on my home network. I have never had this problem in the past. I have a DNS service with kguard. Thanks martin