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  1. dansleeth

    WWV-SF332 Alternative?

    Morning All, I work in a school and we use a bunch of Panasonic WV-SF332 cameras with Avigilon software. We currently pay astronomical prices to have cameras added and install (£2000 for one last week) and as a school it is a shame to see funding being used in this way. Could Anybody recommend an alternative camera that we could use on this system? I am unsure whether we can just plug in any old IP camera and expect it to work? Whether I need to look for particular features / standards? https://bizpartner.panasonic.net/public/system/files/files/fields/field_file/psd/2015/04/23/WV-SF332_2A-062JA_1429764506.pdf Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. dansleeth

    1300 TVL Cameras

    Thank you very much tomcctv, very helpful! I appreciate it.
  3. dansleeth

    1300 TVL Cameras

    Thank you both for your responses. They work with my current box (luckily?). If I can ID that box http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=51042 I guess I should be able to find a new more compact box of the same format... right? Thanks again!
  4. I am looking to replace the large DVR unit in the attached picture (could anybody ID this?). The new unit needs to handle six HD 1300TVL CMOS cameras. If I were to buy a FLOUREON 8 Channel 960H 1080N box (£39 from 'that' auction site) would this handle those cameras well (half decent resolution and frame rate). None of the listings show 1300TVL as a resolution, so I am unsure what I need to look for. I would hopefully take the HDD out of the old unit and use it in the new one... unless it is PATA.
  5. dansleeth

    1300 TVL Cameras

    Good Morning! Could somebody please tell me what 'standard' a camera listed as a HD 1300TVL CMOS Dome CCTV Camera would be? They are £13 from an online auction site but the quality is actually a lot clearer than the cameras we use on our old system at work. If you could also have a look at my post in the DVR section related to this, I would be very grateful! These are the standards that seem to be recognised on most CCTV sites... 1080P 720P 960H 700TVL 650TVL 600TVL 540TVL 480TVL 420TVL PS I searched this site for 1300 TVL but found nothing