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Found 2 results

  1. Hi and thanks for reading. New to the forum and hoping for some help. Although I'm pretty much up to speed when it comes to IP cameras, I've got a couple of analogue cameras that were destined for the garbage after an upgrade from analogue to IP cameras but I'm having some communication issues for the PTZ functions. I have two Panasonic wvcs854a cameras and a wvcu360c controller and a wjmp204c multiplexer. Using a RS485 cable (from the controller to the multiplexer) I can get the 360 controller to communicate with the 204 multiplexer and I can access the 204 multiplexer menu using the controller, so I know those two pieces of equipment are talking to each other quite happily. When I connect the camera to the video in connection on the rear of the 204 multiplexer (the coax BNC) and a connection to a monitor using the Spot Out connection, I can of course see the multiplexer menu on the monitor when I access that menu and when I first power up the camera I can see the RS485 settings, which tells me what RS485 the camera is set to. I can use the dip switches on the camera and change the RS485 settings and this is confirmed when I next power up the camera. My problem is I can't control the camera, no PTZ control. The camera powers up and does what appears to be its 'self check' spinning the pan around then the tilt and then I guess the zoom. After that it goes into a 'patrol' panning and tilting to different places and that's it. Both cameras do the exact same thing. Following the instructions I can't seem to access the camera settings, it's as if the multiplexer or controller is not talking to the camera. Hoping for some help as I'm guessing it a setting or a dip switch or something. From what I'm reading the PTZ control can be done over the coax?? I think I'm correct?? I have instructions manuals for all three pieces of equipment and hopefully I've given enough info in order to be able to get some help, which would be very much appreciated. If more info is needed, just let me know. These cameras although old are kind of nice and I like the x22 optical zoom. I did a search on the forum and got some info but not a definitive answer, Thanks in advance
  2. dansleeth

    WWV-SF332 Alternative?

    Morning All, I work in a school and we use a bunch of Panasonic WV-SF332 cameras with Avigilon software. We currently pay astronomical prices to have cameras added and install (£2000 for one last week) and as a school it is a shame to see funding being used in this way. Could Anybody recommend an alternative camera that we could use on this system? I am unsure whether we can just plug in any old IP camera and expect it to work? Whether I need to look for particular features / standards? https://bizpartner.panasonic.net/public/system/files/files/fields/field_file/psd/2015/04/23/WV-SF332_2A-062JA_1429764506.pdf Any help greatly appreciated!