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  1. neptune769

    Geovision GV-SD200 Replacement Domes

    I can only make domes for the SD-200. I don't think the SD-230 have the same dome. Sorry.
  2. Hello, I was wanting to know if there would be anyone interested in replacement domes for the Geovision GV-SD200 IP PTZ camera. I have a client that need some. Since they are no longer available I designed and printed the rings to work on some off the shelf acrylic domes. I can make them in PLA for $55 or PETG for $65 each. They have brass threaded inserts like the original. The dome is .062 thick molded, not blown. You will have to use your existing rubber gasket and fasteners. Thank you, Dennis L.
  3. Is there anyone that can tell me if I need an AD Ultra 8 I/O board or will the earlier models work? I have an Ultra 8 PTZ but it won't power up when I connect it to the I/O board from a Ultra 7 I don't have an Ultra 8 I/O board. I have no other way to test the Ultra 8. Thank you, Dennis
  4. Hi, I was trying to read the camera with the American Dynamics ADACSNET USB control module. I have two Ultra 7 and one Delta PTZ. I can control the all three with the software. I have updated the module's firm ware. The problem I'm having is that none of the cams send info back. For example if I click on "Flash Rev" I get the response "No Response from Device 1". Also if I ping the camera it just sends nothing pings back. Would that be the PTZ or the Module or software itself? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Dennis
  5. neptune769

    Resistor value needed

    Hi Adam, No I don't have the pieces. There was only a small piece left and the numbers could not be made out. Dennis
  6. neptune769

    Resistor value needed

    Hi Soundy, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the resistor is a surface mount that was broke in half. I couldn't get the numbers off of it. There are no colors. Regards, Dennis
  7. Hello Everyone, I have an American Dynamics USB CCTV Control Module (ADACSET). It wasn't working so I opened it and noticed that one of the resistors were broken. I am looking for someone that can tell me the resistor value for R51. It sits right behind the two position switch between the Sensornet and RS422 connector. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dennis
  8. Hello Everyone, I am trying to compile a list of what Hitachi VK series camera modules are in what brand and model PTZ speed domes. I know what modules are in the American Dynamics/Sensormatic Delta Dome, Ultra 7, Ultra 7E and the Ultra 8. I am trying to find out what the other AD/Sensormatic use as well as Pelco, Vicon & other brands. I am also interested in the same info for the Sony cameras of the same type. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Dennis
  9. neptune769

    Question for Texas Installers

    Thanks for the replies everyone. That helps. I hope you all have a great Turkey Day. Dennis L.
  10. Hello, I have a question for Texas Installers. I have a couple friends that would like to have cameras and a DVR installed. One wants it at their house and the other at a small business. I have set up my own system at my residence. Would I need any kind of license to install a system for them legally? I was chatting with a local installer and they mentioned that the requirements changed with in the past 6 months. And they were installing for a month before they knew about it. Who would I contact to find out about obtaining a license if required? Thank you, Dennis L.
  11. neptune769

    Trying to id cam pin out

    I think Soundy and I figured you were going to be using a standard PC com port, RS232 data lines are a much higher voltage than the TTL lines inside a device like a PTZ unit typically are. In looking at the Atmega kit you are using, it has a MAX232 chip that creates standard RS232 voltages from the data lines on the Atmega chip... Of course, if it's working fine that way, we might be wrong... But you might want to check specs, and maybe use data from the lines before the MAX232.... Or maybe, the connector block in your pictures does level converting.. BTW, the bridge for preventing reverse voltage is a good idea, but did you take the 1.2 volt drop into account? Hi Hardwired, I'm sorry I missed this post. Anyway, Your right about the RS232 chip. However I am not connected to it. It is connected to one of the other I/O ports of the Micro. The RS232 port is being saved to communicate to an identical board for future use. I am in the middle of creating a web site that will try to explain how I made it all work. I have found that the cameras work on 9-12v but I have had 13.5v at one point without problems. That was an accident by the way. I don't recommend going over 12vdc. At 12v the 1.2v drop is not an issue. Regards, Dennis
  12. Hello Everyone, First let me say that for me surveillance cameras & equipment is just a hobby. I have a system that consists of 3 American Dynamics PTZ and a Pelco fixed dome. Anyway to get to the point When I first started this hobby I didn't know about counterfeit DVR cards & software. So I unknowingly bought a board with pirated software. I found out when I contacted the manufacturer with technical problems. I ended up purchasing a legal copy of the software. Now I am in the market to upgrade to an 8 port card with hardware compression. My question is Who makes a decent card that is not overly priced like Geovision? Is a hardware compression board better than software? How can you tell if someone is selling a counterfeit? I'm sure there are some legitimate cards on Ebay but how do you know? Regards, Dennis L.
  13. neptune769

    Trying to id cam pin out

    Ok I'm going to try to post a photo again. It is a photo of how I originally interfaced to the camera. I removed the surface mounted flat cable connector. I soldered 5 wires directly to the pads on the board where the connector used to be. the other end of the wires go the the DB-9. I cut a hole in the metal case and mounted the DB-9. The mating DB-9 has a RCA jack for video, a power connector and a connector for serial. Dennis
  14. neptune769

    HTML not working in Forum Post

    Thank you I will give it a try next post.
  15. I'm not sure where I should post this so forgive me if it is wrong. How can I turn on HTML? If I go into my "Profile" it says HTML = Off. Yet the radio button is set to Yes. I have tried to reset, turning HTML to NO then YES and still nothing. Any suggestions? I can't see how but could it be Windows XP x64? Regards, Dennis