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Found 3 results

  1. Good day all,Is anyone using a hikvision PTZ with A Geovision NVR?I have added the new Hikvision DS-2DE4A225IW-DE to the NVR V 8.7, and have the image, recording, alerts, etc going, but I am not sure how to configure the PTZ portion.PTZ digital works - but only within the currently displayed image of course.I have added the camera both as an ONVIF and a RTSP (the latter seems to work better) but no difference on the PTZ.If I look at system configure - accessories - ptz device and ptz io, the options there seem to want a physical port/connection to operate. I would like to use it just ONVIF or RTSPIs it possible with GEOVISION NVR (no scrap geovision suggestions please)?If not, I can always use the hikvision utility for added PTZ (I have scheduled positions set up so dont often have to change it too often) but would rather have full fnctionality through GV and thought someone out there could point me in the right direction. Thanks for your help W
  2. Hi everybody... I have a GV-600(S) capture card installed (with 8 analogic dome cams attached) on a DELL GX-270 PC with a Pentium 4 processor, Intel Chipset, 512 Mb Ram and RAGE 128 PRO ULTRA GL agp video card, all running on Windows XP SP3, after but not before the reinstalling, i tell the history: I format and reinstall everithing due to the lost of the user name and password for the multicam software, the original technician don't make active the option to reset the password, and i not have other option, format and reinstall everything. Before reinstalled with 8.5.4 Version of the Multicam and drivers (the original CD was lost by the owner), i only have a 8 squares with the permanent message "VIDEO LOST" in each preview camera square (In my spanish "Pérdida de Vídeo") but when i try to configure the Alert By Scene Change option, the image of each camera selected appear in the preview square to the right of the window with good quality, the cams have signal to the card... What can i do? I need your help....
  3. Hello, I was wanting to know if there would be anyone interested in replacement domes for the Geovision GV-SD200 IP PTZ camera. I have a client that need some. Since they are no longer available I designed and printed the rings to work on some off the shelf acrylic domes. I can make them in PLA for $55 or PETG for $65 each. They have brass threaded inserts like the original. The dome is .062 thick molded, not blown. You will have to use your existing rubber gasket and fasteners. Thank you, Dennis L.