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  1. Dont use motion detection its simple to use
  2. Can you change camera power supply unit?
  3. Hello, your dvr support only 3mp/2mp/1mp analog camera, not 5mp. You can check "encoding resolution" info in this manual https://www.hikvision.com/content/dam/hikvision/products/S000000001/S000000132/S000000133/S000000134/OFR000179/M000005714/Data_Sheet/UD11361B_Datasheet of DS-7200HQHI-K_P_V4.2.0_20181102.pdf
  4. tragic_audio

    HD-SDI camera with a pink hue

    Hi You need ir-cut filter. Its solve your pink hie problem.
  5. tragic_audio


    Hello! You want to connect new cameras to your 720p dvr?
  6. tragic_audio

    Adding Cameras

    Hello! Send here screens of your dvr and camera stickers on the box
  7. tragic_audio

    BNC Camera

    Hi, your camera support two voltages: 12 and 24 at all?
  8. tragic_audio

    qvis pioneer quattro camera upgrade

    There is no issue to transfer audio channel via coax. You can use external mic and connect it to your audio in socket in your dvr.
  9. tragic_audio

    Channel black screen

    Hi, can you show some screenshot?
  10. tragic_audio

    Xmeye and Explorer issue

    can you try to use windows app CMS?
  11. tragic_audio

    How to watch zosi system on mobile

    hello! can you ping your dvr in home network?
  12. tragic_audio

    Horizontal Line Through Middle Of Image

    can you measure how many volts at the end of the cable? What does the cable you use look like? Is there one coax and one power supply? or are all the wires the same? If you use a ready-made cable from the manufacturer, it is usually the cheapest and most whimsical cable.
  13. Its possible only via internet. If your dvr suppport p2p tech.
  14. Hello! Power supply enough for camera? Can you try to change power supply to another?
  15. tragic_audio

    The Site Software Upgrade Issue Topic

    thanks, youtube link easy to insert. Just paste link and video preview is ready)