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  1. wahloon

    F/S Speco 16b Channel DVR 120FPS

    Model and Price???
  2. You know where I can get one?
  3. I was wondering what cameras is good and not to expensive to catch license plates..
  4. On of my customer is wanting a geovision system with the capability of watching it from his regular tv . He wants to be able to change the channel to 78 and be able to watch the dvr from there. How can I make that happen??? I know it been discussed about a year ago but can't find it on here.
  5. I want some recommendation on a 32 card or 2-16 card board. I want to have 30fps each total of 480fps on each card. I am still thniking about the geovision but I want to use something else if anything is a little better. I have not found a 32 cam card that has 30 fps. Also can't you setup 2 geovision 1480 and have a third system a matrix to interlink each other and have a 32 camera system?
  6. Sony SSC-E453 JVC TK-920U Which one would you guys pick or would you recommend another camera for the price range.
  7. wahloon

    Viewing Geo need to config router

    Thanks, I hope this works. I did not know that you can set a IP address for the dvr. I am still a litte confused about the DVR IP address where did that come from? I never had to use one I think it has been awhile.
  8. How do you bridge two different routers? First of all I had a siemens 4200 router first. I port foward all neccessary ports for geo and it worked viewing the webcam. Now I put a wireless router linksys WRT54GX4 in. Now I cannot view the webcam. I tried portforwarding in the linksys router settings but it still does not work. If I take out the wirless router and let the siemens router run by it self I can use webcam. Someone told me I had to bridge the siemens router to the linksys router. Is this correct?
  9. wahloon

    Geovision 8.0

    I was wondering if you have 7.05 can you upgrade it to 8.0. I see that ezcctv has a full 8.0 download so I don't have to upgrade right?
  10. wahloon

    IR PTZ

    Thats correct.
  11. wahloon

    check out this hottie on a treadmill!

    She was very sexy, look like my girlfriend . haha
  12. wahloon

    Dealer forum?

    I could not see it, I have not been here in awhile.
  13. wahloon

    Bosch Auto Dome

    Seen it at the isc west show last year, and at a couple of projects at the Library of Congress. It is good for low traffic areas, but for high traffic areas you will need to turn off autotrack.
  14. wahloon

    Best place to purchase a Geovision card ???

    Glad that you are happy with geovision.
  15. wahloon

    Genuine Geo GV800 boards (used)

    Do you still got them?