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  1. Thank you. So if I get you right, once a DVR or NVR is turned on and a hard drive is connected to it keep writing file/date/time even when no camera is connected to it?
  2. Good day, I began installing CCTV cameras 3months ago and there is one thing I haven't noticed the function all this while which is a motion sensor around a green-like item around the IR LED. So I decided to test it out to see how accurate it is to help reduce storage consumption since it will only record whenever it detects motion but what I found out was not exactly my expectation. I set up my DVR with HDD and a Camera. Initially without recording the storage capacity is 111.8GB while the Rest capacity is 110.9GB so after setting up motion detection on my DVR I then connect a CCTV camera to face the wall where no motion is detected and I start the recording for 30mins. To my surprise, after recording without motion detection the Rest capacity has dropped to 110.5GB. To confirm what is going on I focused the camera on the motion area where movement is and start recording for 30mins I also noticed that the Rest capacity of the HDD has dropped from 110,5GB to 109.6GB. The way I understand how PIR or motion sensor works is that the system becomes active whenever there is movement and deactivate whenever there is no movement but the way this function it keeps recording whether there is movement or not an this will involve unnecessary footage recording and HDD space consumption. Please is there anyone who can explain to me how the motion sensor in the CCTV camera works? Thanks For CCTV forum.pdf
  3. Hello house, please i need help on how to reset this viewtec dvr password. i have tried all the method i know like removing the battery and power it on still no joy. Please any help will be appreciated Attached file below