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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. Thanks for reading this post.Anyone who uses a Hikvision NVR and genuine Hikvision cameras will understand how important and useful the green smart event motion detection markers are that appear along the timeline. These motion indicators allow you to review hours of surveillance footage in just a few minutes and can help pinpoint incidents very quickly.I think this "smart event" feature is proprietary to genuine Hikvision cameras. I have a few other cameras on my system and whilst they do motion detection and can notify me via the Hik-Connect mobile App, none of them put the green event indicators onto the timeline on the NVR which is a huge miss. I think these green motion indicators are a hardware feature that is actually inside the genuine Hikvision cameras. Even cameras that support the full ONVIF protocol don't do the green motion indicators.Q1: Does anyone know if the the slightly cheaper HiLook cameras that are manufactured by Hikvision have the smart event feature that will put the green event indicators onto the timeline? I understand HiLook are the lower-end "consumer" Hikvision cameras which have fewer features. The technical information for the HiLook cameras say they only do motion detection and do not have the more advanced features such as face recognition or number plate recognition etc. but I only need the motion detection feature but it MUST put the green event markers onto the timeline.Q2: Just out of curiosity, has anybody managed to get non Hikvision cameras to put these green event indicators onto the timeline? Or know if this is possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this and would really appreciate any replies.
  2. Good day, I began installing CCTV cameras 3months ago and there is one thing I haven't noticed the function all this while which is a motion sensor around a green-like item around the IR LED. So I decided to test it out to see how accurate it is to help reduce storage consumption since it will only record whenever it detects motion but what I found out was not exactly my expectation. I set up my DVR with HDD and a Camera. Initially without recording the storage capacity is 111.8GB while the Rest capacity is 110.9GB so after setting up motion detection on my DVR I then connect a CCTV camera to face the wall where no motion is detected and I start the recording for 30mins. To my surprise, after recording without motion detection the Rest capacity has dropped to 110.5GB. To confirm what is going on I focused the camera on the motion area where movement is and start recording for 30mins I also noticed that the Rest capacity of the HDD has dropped from 110,5GB to 109.6GB. The way I understand how PIR or motion sensor works is that the system becomes active whenever there is movement and deactivate whenever there is no movement but the way this function it keeps recording whether there is movement or not an this will involve unnecessary footage recording and HDD space consumption. Please is there anyone who can explain to me how the motion sensor in the CCTV camera works? Thanks For CCTV forum.pdf
  3. Hello, I have an FLEXIDOME IP outdoor 4000 IR camera and I've tried every single configuration and option but couldn't make it work.. My problem is I do not know how do I setup the motion system so that If there is a motion something going on in front of the camera that it starts recording to the installed SD card.... It's a simple task that most of all IP Cameras are able to do and the Bosch Flexidome has an huge amount of options available.. I've got everything setup that I need, now I can not figure out how do I setup this simple task. Does anybody have the same camera or atleast something similiar from BOSCH, sou you could tell me how to I setup the "record on motion detection" method? Thank you in advanced.
  4. Hello Guys and Happy New Year, I got myself NVR + some cameras from Alieexpress - branded ESCAM. So far it is all good, but only one problem. The record all the time, I have tried to enable Motion Detection - it worked, but like all the time (every second) I see motion detected and the NVR records it, in the end it is like 24h recording, because camera is sending this alert all the time. Anyone has some experience with this "Chinese" magic boxes :) Cameras are QH001, NVR is PVR208, I am connecting over the network with EasyVMS provided by Escam
  5. Sbothe

    Hikvision Motion emails

    We have a system setup with Motion Detection and line crossing. It sends emails when motion/line crossing is detected, it also only records when motion/line crossing is detected. Is there any simple, one button, way to stop sending emails when the home owners are home? We also have a Control4 system on site if that is any help.
  6. Dear good, I am new to the forum, I have several Hikvision DVRs managing with the IVMS 4200, all analogs are mostly DS-7216HGHI, I have several problems with motion recordings. I have seen that I have recordings where there is nobody (There is no movement) but I have the recordings, with which when looking for an event it becomes impossible, all the cameras are by motion detection, I have lowered the sensitivity but it follows me recording. I need to know how I can see what is recording the sector that detects movement in the camera. The cameras that I use are the DS-2CE16DOT-IRF. I have seen that some is activated a box where the movement is (attached photo)