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  1. I noticed that on a rainy night just after midnight to a few minutes after 6:00 am that 3 of the 6 cameras 
    on the CCTV system stopped showing and recording however they work fine in the daylight.
    One of the functioning ones was grainy and showing intermittently.
    I have identified the offending camera. When I turn on the lights that camera along with the others are functioning. 
    When I disconnected that camera, the others are working fine with night vision.
    I am wondering why the issue with the problem camera is affecting the other cameras on the network.
    Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this problem?

  2. .I tried using this 2.5 amp. power adapter splitter to power both cameras.
    However, I noticed that I am getting   ground loop problems.
    When I used two separate power supplies the ground loop problems stopped.
    Are these power splitter power adapters any good?
    On another note, I noticed is that the guy who installed the other 5 cameras used an
    “EPCOM DC ADAPTOR MODEL PS120DC4C” power supply 5 AMPS
     Although the adapter says 4 channels, he doubled the connection on one terminal to 
    accommodate two cameras on that single terminal. Is this normal?







  3. I am looking for a 5mp Analog varifocal Hikvision turret or dome camera.
    An Amazon merchant emailed me saying he has a Hikvision OEM varifocal Camera.
    He said “The camera is manufactured by Hikvision however, it does not have logo or brand 
    and the box is plain brown box.”
    What’s the difference between the Branded Hikvision and the OEM version?
    And would it be compatible with the Hikvision DVR 7208 that I am currently using?

  4. Thank you very much  
    I  checked the frames per second on the DVR and the manual and you are right.
    I am using the Hikvision Turbo 7208 DVR and it adjust the frame per second according to 
    the megapixel of the camera, in this case for the 5mp camera the maximum frame 
    per second is 12. At 8mp it would be 8 frames per second, for 3mp it would be 18 frames 
    per second and so on.

  5. Thank you for your responses. 
    I already have four 5mp Turbo Hikvision varifocals installed. 
    There are 3 or 4 additional cameras yet to be installed and he’s trying to convince 
    me to use 2mp for the rest of the areas. 
    I shall insist that he installs at least 5mp cameras in remaining areas.

  6. A CCTV Installation guy told me that since normal HD monitor only has a resolution of up to 1080P. (1920 X 1080) it makes no sense installing a 5 MP Turbo HD Analog surveillance system if you’re not using a 4K monitor with it.
    (As I understand it the 5MP has a resolution of 5MP 2560x1920.)
    Is this really the case?

  7. Thank you for your response I have submitted hereunder the display
    that I am seeing on the screen: 

    (Thanks for the clarification also, I had erroneously stated facial recognition what I actually meant was facial detection. )

    Camera Resolution 5mp 
    Resolution    5MP
    Frame rate 12fps
    Maximum bit rate kbps 2048 
    Maximum bit rate recommended 1852-3087 kbps
    Maximum average bit rate 1440
    Encoding H.265
    The DVR atomically sets the frame rates to 12 fps at 5 MP, 15ffs at 4MP and 18fps at 3MP 
    NOTE The frame rate cannot be adjusted upwards. 



  8. Thank you both  for your responses

    Listed hereunder are the specifications of the equipment used (to the best of my knowledge):
       DVR:              DS-7208HUHI-K1 TURBO HD DVR 
    1 CAMERA:       DS-2CE56HOT-ITMF  5MP   2.8MM TURBO HD.

    According to the PTZ settings and the DVR settings the cameras are set to 5MP
    (I don’t know if I was expecting too much from the system. The coverage is fairly okay,  but facial recognition is not that clear.)

  9. I had a CCTV system (analog) installed at my home a few months ago with 5 
    5 MP analog cameras. 
    However, I am not quite satisfied with the performance. 
    The Hikvision Technician who installed it told me that IP Systems show up to
    4 times clearer than the CCTV. 
    Is the quality of the IP system so much better that it’s worth upgrading from analog?

  10. A DS-2CD2055FWD 2.9MM 5mp Hikvision IP camera to the network but the NVR receiving
    a VGA signal from it.
    I tried another 5MP cameras on the same connection and the NVR is receiving the correct 
    5mp signal.
    The option with camera to change the signal on settings with the DS-2CD2055FWD on the 
    NVR are 640X480 VGA and lower.
    The options with the other camera are from 8MP and lower.
    Does anyone have and ideas how to resolve this issue?