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  1. I just found out they don't. Intellex has a deal worked out with Axis.... That's okay. I will just get the JVC VRN100U. NVR!!! It's much better than anything else on the market anyway.
  2. cctvron

    Mul-T-Lock CLIQ

    No experience with it. What are you trying to do?
  3. cctvron

    ISC WEST SHOW 2005

    1 other thing. The rest of the guys for my company rep Digimerge also. It is a great DVR for the price. They have just come out with a 4 channel dvr with a quad on the front. It's about a 3x4 screen on the front. It folds down if you want to remove the hard drive. Unbelievable price.
  4. cctvron

    ISC WEST SHOW 2005

    Didn't get a chance to get around and see much. I was to busy working the show. Did anyone see the Future Smart stuff from Honeywell. Smart home stuff. We ended up picking up that line. I will be the rep for it starting next week, in my territory.
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    Access - Audio

    soup cans and string??? LOL
  6. cctvron

    Access - Audio

    I would just do a cheap Aiphone system. Define Cheap for Access Control.
  7. before tossing the lamps try using a IR lens. This though the camera does not have an IR Cut filter it will truly help with the picture
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    Greetings Everyone

    Funny, Security Solutions is the name of the company I work for also... Where are you located.
  9. cctvron

    Which Manufacturer

    The Keyscan system will except an auxilary input from pretty much anything. As long as the panel ie fire, pa, whatever can give an open or closed alarm we are okay. You can label this alarm what ever you would like in the keyscan system. You would need the Security Command Module for the Keyscan system. With this you can draw your own building layout or import a floor plan in (.DXF?) i.e. autocad file. You would then assign a picture from the menu to the area of the alarm and associate that with the input alarm on the panel. To better explain go to the site below. http://www.keyscan.ca/SecurityCommand.htm This should help you quite a bit...
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    PEN in Mouth

    It was just a joke a friend of mine did on a car forum. Thought I would try it here to see how it worked. Same thing started with same question and for those that responded yes he went back and edited the question. Pretty funny I thought
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    ISC West

    Write it down folks here it comes. ISC west is just around the corner. Here are a list of the booths you may find me in. I rep more lines than this, but these are the only ones I have booth duty in. For those that will be there on Wednesday look to the right to see what time I will be in the booth. I will only be in each booth for 1 hour. The schedule is subject to change and I will not be held responsible for such change. I can say I don't think it will really change. WED THURS 3067 ATV 2:00 5109 RAINBOW 1:00 6100 FKI/IV 11:00 7036 RUSSOUND 11:00 14091 ALTRONIX 10:00 20095 KEYSCAN 10:00 20119 DITEK 12:00 22037 JVC 1:00
  12. cctvron

    Which Manufacturer

    DVRExpert, Keyscan has done this for a while already. ISC West, Keyscan will be in booth 20095. I will be at this booth at 10 a.m. on thursday if anyone would like to come by and say hello. I will be at the JVC booth 22037 at 1:00 P.M. on Wednesday and back at the Keyscan booth on friday. I will also be manning other booths in between but It would be nice to meet some of you face to face. My real name is Ronnie Pennington if you all really care. Look forward to meeting some of you next week possibly.
  13. cctvron

    Access and Alarm

    Warner, You are absolutely right. Keyscan is a great system. You canadian's know it well. I'm actually the Keyscan rep for the Mid-Atlantic Territory here in the U.S. I installed many types of Access systems, when I was an installer, and this 1 by far is the 1 I liked the most. There are ways that it integrates with Burg, but people must know that this and other access control systems are by know means a burglar alarm panel. Thanks for your added input on this system.
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    Not sure if they fixed that on the camera we were talking about. I'd be very interested to find out if the pinwheel did lock it up. Like I said. Some Japanese guy tried it and that's why jvc changed there ways. I haven't actually tried it before.
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    I'm simply waiting for the questions. I have answered all I can for now. Will someone please ask. I have answers.
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    Nope not a hacker....I know this because some japanese guy tried it. JVC has sinced changed the way they compress on their IP cameras because of this very reason.
  17. Take a look at the JVC VRN-100U. This is what you want to use. It has the click in image. Zoom on play back and many other functions.
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    MPEG4 IP PTZ is Junk, You can kill the camera by throwing a bunch of colors at it. Take a 99 cent pinwheel and spin it in front of the camera. Watch the camera lock up. Go with JPEG Motion.
  19. cctvron

    Access and Alarm

    Rory, Access Control and Burg are to totally different animals. Burg alarms in most cases people are required to have because of insurance purposes in there business. On the other hand access control is something people want. For your application I would have a completely different system. It gets tricky when you integrate a burg and access system together. Something happens to the burg panel you have access problems, and if something happens to the access panel, the burg system has problems. A simple 3 door system would be just fine. Find 1 you can use a keypad instead of a reader. I know Keyscan offers it. You also need to find out everything the person would like to control. You need basically a feature request. When I get in front of a customer, I ask. What do you want the system to do for you. When I get into keyscan and tell them about the features the most common response is. I want to do that too. What's the customers Budget like?
  20. cctvron

    AWB has "memory effects"?

    Use a JVC TK-C920UA, I haven't had any problems with these. Awesome Picture also.
  21. what DVR is it and can you turn down the sensitivity for motion on the DVR.
  22. cctvron

    Samsung SDN-500 Camera

    The also have the IC series
  23. cctvron

    Samsung SDN-500 Camera

    Yes, the part number is UF500___ Depends on what you want, Spot Beam Narrow Beam, Medium Beam, or Flood beam also out of all those you can choose from 730nm 830nm or 950nm filter.
  24. cctvron

    Samsung SDN-500 Camera

    Rainbow is owned by ISO International Space Optics.....They do make a great High Impact Dome. They even have the Vari-Focal Hi-impacts which are great. My favorite Mini dome though is the MDCVF from rainbow. Vari-Focal 380 lines 3.5-8mm DC auto iris lens. You can also get it with the Power supply. Very good price on these also. As far as A great Hi res camera with IR Cut filter. Really Great picture also. JVC TK-C1460U uses any C/CS mount lens. 480TVL, DSP with Extended Dynamic Range function. Automatic motion detection with alarm signal output 10xdigital zoom function, RS485 Remote Control Capability for camera setting etc. etc. etc. Comes with Software for Camera. I prefer the Rainbow L880VDC4PIR Lens. 8-80mm Verifocal 4 pin Infrar red lens. This lens Camera combo is an awesome picture!!!