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    Analog CCTV Cameras to IP Network Security Cameras

    I reside in Long Island, New York If you can provide a list of items, and recommendations that would be truly appreciated
  2. eddieblade21

    Analog CCTV Cameras to IP Network Security Cameras

    Make total sense that is why your the expert and I am not So can you be so kind and help me with what I would need and maybe some recommendation The style camera I like to stay with are Dome Style. I like to keep the cabling in place reason being the runs I will not be able to access them. I do not mind changing the cameras or anything else so I can get off this un-reliable system and Mr. Patrol App. and honestly if you say the best thing is to get rid of the cabling then I would need to figure something out, prefer not to but your the SME. I truly hope you can help you've been great so far
  3. eddieblade21

    Analog CCTV Cameras to IP Network Security Cameras

    Thank you so much for the quick reply I was under the impression you can convert to NVR with the proper equipment as you can see from the pic I was hoping instead of the computer I can run a NVR there instead again i am know expert that why I am here asking you and the experts Here is another pic for your just want to make sure it is possible
  4. HI All, Hope everyone is safe, Great Forum, a lot of knowledgably people I currently have the following which was installed about 5 years ago 8-Eyemax XIB-1022 12V HD-SDI Eyeball 3.6mm Lens Dome Camera UVST Magic-QL08 with a 2TB HDD The Software I use on my iPhone is Mr. Patrol which is not the best, everyone has their opinion I just don't like it I like to keep the cameras and all the coaxial cable as it is hidden perfectly around the home I like to upgrade my DVR to a NVR which in turn I can access remotely from another PC or iPhone (As Mentioned the Mr. Patrol is always down, more than it works) Can you please help me on what I may need Feel free to ask any questions if I left anything out Thank you so much Eddie