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  1. shanekennedy

    selling my 8port gv900a

    i've switched to all digital cams so no longer need the board. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Geovision-GV-900A-8ports-video-audio-DVR-NVR-digital-ip-camera-connectivity/293051456243
  2. shanekennedy

    how do you email just intrusions & not motion detections

    you can still use round-the-clock under scheduled recording under the configuration-button -> system-config -> startup, set auto-monitoring to schedule-monitor then under the schedule-button -> edit-schedule, create a schedule & set the monitor-invoke drop down to round-the-clock
  3. shanekennedy

    how well does geo work on win8, any good installs out there

    minor issues, but so far so good on win8 running on a dell xps8500 geovision did break the cpu graphs in task manager causing them all to show 100%, you can see the true cpu utilization looking & the details tab of task manager & watching the system-idle-processes counter. i reinstalled windows & got graph working again, but immediately after installing geovision again, the graphs broke. also couldn't access the webcam server after enabling it. had to go to windows firewall, delete webcam svr & http server, then add webcam server by specifying the path (c:\gv-900a\webcamserver.exe in my case) & enabling both public & private nets. the issue may have been having firewall rules for both webcam svr & http svr. so deleting the http server may have done the trick.
  4. got a new pc on the way that comes with win8 & debating on reinstalling win7 since i know it runs geo well
  5. shanekennedy

    Post YOUR Tested PCs

    Computer Case: dell vostro 420 tower Power Supply: ? Motherboard: ? CPU: intel core duo E7500 2.93ghz Memory: 4gb Video Card: ati radeon hd4350 Hard Drive: multiple sata drives Optical Drive: ? Cooling: ? Monitor: viewsonic va2323wm Operating System: win7 64bit Service Pack: n/a GeoVision Card: gv800 GeoVision Software Version: 8.3.4 Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 Video Size: 800x600 Motion/Continuous: motion FPS: Environment: bedroom Length of Tested Period: 3wks Any other notes: also successfully ran 8.3.3 w/vista & 3gigs mem for several months
  6. if not, if there freeware out there that can perform the task?
  7. shanekennedy

    geovision on windows home server

    i run geovision @ home on winxp you can view/control software via geo remove software, web browser or windows remote desktop
  8. shanekennedy

    Please help clear up GV model difference (Combo=Hybrid?!?)

    i have a gv-800 running v8.2 & would like to add a non-geovision ip camera do i need the dongle mentioned in the above post do i need an additional dongle for additional ip cameras if multiple dongles are need for multiple cameras, would i still need a dongle if i used a GV-VS02 (D/A video server) instead
  9. shanekennedy

    how do you email just intrusions & not motion detections

    the change to the schedule config did the trick many thanks for you help
  10. shanekennedy

    how do you email just intrusions & not motion detections

    register motion event was disabled however, email was enabled under scheduling, that might be the secret i searched every crook & crevice under configuration button, never considered options under schedule button will let you know how it goes thanks
  11. shanekennedy

    how do you email just intrusions & not motion detections

    invoke-to-send-alerts under monitor-control was already turned off under the general tab under send-event-alerts is where i have enable intruder-event
  12. shanekennedy

    how do you email just intrusions & not motion detections

    for intrusion, i'm using configure->video analysis->counter/intrusion alarm setting->configure->alarm tab so when an object passes from zone 1 to zone 2, an intrusion event is triggered this works fine & emails me the alerts problem is, i get email for every motion event also, i just want the intrusion emails
  13. shanekennedy

    Geovision on a Blackberry world edition

    new blackberry bold(9000) supports 3g & wi-fi mine streams live audio/video from geovision w/o issue
  14. would like to receive emails for intrusion detections but not for every motion detection can this be done
  15. shanekennedy

    "No Privilege" Error Message

    think i found my problem it appears you can only view a scheduled camera during it's schedule so i can only view my cam3 between 21:00 & 08:00 if i try to view @ 20:00, i get the "no privlege" error is this a bug or a feature ? is there some way to remotely view the camera 24 hrs a day, but only record between 2100 & 800 ?