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  1. jmeader43

    Audio over Coax to a standard DVR

    I’ve been reading the latest DVR models with the S at the end that have Acusense support AOC so this may work after all
  2. jmeader43

    Audio over Coax to a standard DVR

    DVR spec https://www.hikvision.com/uk/products/Turbo-HD-Products/DVR/AcuSense-Series/ids-7208huhi-k1-4s-b-/ Camera spec https://www.hikvision.com/en/products/Turbo-HD-Products/Turbo-HD-Cameras/ColorVu-Series/ds-2ce72kf0t-fs/
  3. Is it possible to send audio from a HikVision ColorVu analogue camera that supports audio over coax and then split it at the DVR end? My supplier said this camera would work with this DVR but I can’t see any Audio over Coax option in the spec The model of the camera is 5MP DS-2CE72KF0T-FS Hikvision (2,8mm) 3K fixed lens ColorVu turret camera with audio The model of the DVR is iDS-7208HUHI-K1/4S(UK STD)(B)4A+ALM8/4