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Found 4 results

  1. Is it possible to send audio from a HikVision ColorVu analogue camera that supports audio over coax and then split it at the DVR end? My supplier said this camera would work with this DVR but I can’t see any Audio over Coax option in the spec The model of the camera is 5MP DS-2CE72KF0T-FS Hikvision (2,8mm) 3K fixed lens ColorVu turret camera with audio The model of the DVR is iDS-7208HUHI-K1/4S(UK STD)(B)4A+ALM8/4
  2. Fozzie Bear

    Choice of Audio Cable

    I am about to install an Exvist 8.0Mp POE CCTV camera in our village hall to stream meeting to Youtube via RTMP protocol. I need to run a long audio cable from the microphone amplifier at the front of the hall to the camera at the other end as an audio feed and trying to decide on the best cable. I have looked at various cable types including pre-made with included 3.5mm jacks on each end to rolls of cable. The lead will run in some large timber boxing down the side of the room and will be adjacent data and mains cable so it really needs to be screened to reduce any pickup. I am looking on the well known auction site and equally well known large online retailer and there are various versions:- Cheaper single screen 2 core withf metalized pvc wrap, Single screened 2 core with copper woven braid Double screen 2 core flex with metalized foil and copper braid. Single screen Two core Balanced microphone with tinned copper braid In each case one end will be terminated in a 3.5mm stereo jack to go into the camera and a 6.3mm jack or XLR plug Trying to keep the price of install as low as possible but don't want problems with hum or pickup on audio so any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hi! I'm looking at the following setup (diagram attached): 1. POE Camera 2. External microphone attached to POE Camera to capture audio from a group discussion 3. POE Camera to be connected to a headphone amplifier distribution, which is then connected to 10 headphones, for live listening to audio from the group discussion through Audio Out channel 4. POE Camera connected to NVR through ethernet cable for monitoring and recording Can you suggest if this is feasible, particularly the audio part, and will it ensure better audio listening as well as recording when compared to audio from security camera. Thanks, Anjan
  4. Indoor use, basically a baby-cam situation (bed-ridden adult), but remote/WAN access is needed. Has anybody found a POE cam with built-in microphone that works with both IP Cam Viewer and Blue Iris?