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    DM Sprite 2

    Got a client who gave me a DM Sprite 2 for repair. The unit has a crashed hard drive, but I know that DM uses the hd to run the os on them. does anyone knows of a way to get around this to get it working without having to send the unit in for repair? It's just out of warranty. Thanks
  2. Hi guys I got a avermedia dss1000 card today, but the damm software requires a serial number to install, and I don't have it can someone help? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, a member just posted something about running fiber for cameras, and that got me thinking. Members that know how to wire up cameras and other things using fiber, can you please post links, manuals, and guides so that we all can get to know the how to's. I sure as hell don't know anything about it. DATA, I guess I would like to invite you to start something, if you have the time. Thanks!
  4. Ok fellows, would anyone who attended the ISC WEST show please post here what they saw, and what's new coming out, including companies that are unknown to the rest of us. Dealers and Distributors, please post prices on dealer section only.
  5. ISC EAST SHOW 2005 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center — 655 West 34th Street — New York, NY 10001 Event Dates & Times: Wednesday, August 24, 2005, 10:00am - 5:00pm Thursday, August 25, 2005, 10:00am - 5:00pm OK GUYS, ANYONE ATTENDING PLEASE POST HERE, AS AT LEAST 5 MEMBERS HAVE CONFIRMED THAT THEY ARE GOING, AND I'M TRYING TO HAVE A MEET. SO PLEASE PUT A NOTE HERE, AND I'LL CONTACT YOU TO AMKE ARRANGEMENTS. Thanks data for reminding me to make the sticky, but I have to create a new one because the system won't let me make stickys from existing posts.
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    Hi guys I found something interesting. The infamous pico200 software, it's not chinesse, but Canadian According the NOVEX CANADA, PICO2000 it's a beta version of their software made in 1999. The own the rights and names, but they where stupid enough to have a chinesse manufacturer make their cards. Well, the beta software leaked out, and here we are. No wonder they can sell the thing for a dollar.
  7. I have to install a camera in 2 elevators in a building that is 10 stories high. Never have done this before so any input would be appreciated.
  8. LOL, I just finished putting a couple of cameras in my apartment complex myself, and now I have the neigboors wanting to get cameras for their apartments too.
  9. qman

    Boxes not turning red

    Me too, don't know why, but me too.
  10. qman

    "It takes a thief"

    I know one of these guys, they work mostly at Westchester NY and Greenwich CT. They use Scarsdale Security, who until about 2 years ago, where unkonwn in the NY metro market. The actually use Honeywell and Ademco DVR'S, and sometimes use Dedicated Micros. Cameras? man, but 1000 manufacturers, who the hell knows who actually makes them.
  11. qman

    Geovision 800

    It has to be the video card, 32meg ram seems to be too low for that card. Also, make sure that your display settings are at 32bit color.
  12. qman

    Price of Gas

    Man, it's hovering arounf 2.50 here for regular, I remember when I was 15, no car yet, that gas was around 1.00 a gallon.....
  13. Cheap solutions? sorry man, there is no cheap solutions when it comes to security.
  14. I got one of these old thins that I'm using in my house as a way to bring all my cams together for my tv viewing. one thing that it does is it scrolls a black line in the top of the images. just look at the top left pic, and look at the top of the door, and you'll see what I mean. IS this normal or....?
  15. HAHAHA. I was going to suggest checking the hard drive, is very common when having problems with recordings and such.
  16. Rory has always been like that. Since we are in this topic. I was asked to quote a system for one of my property managment companies. The property is a pain in the ass since I have to do major wireless transmissions, The property is like a small communinity that has townhouses all over, and they want to cover mainly the parking lots. The longest runs are about 200-500 feet, and not always line of sight. I really don't want to go with targus on any expensive solution like that. If anyone has any ideas, shoot them this way.
  17. There is a COAX interferience box that grounds all of the shielding at the end of the run, something do do with wavelenght manipulation. Let me look thru my stuff and I'll post the name and website.
  18. qman

    First multi-floor bldg.

    Those things are way overpriced.
  19. qman


    Hey, sorry, but I have no internet access till next week, have been without for 3 weeks, using a neighbors now. I did what you PM me about.
  20. qman

    No idea but he needs sleep!

  21. qman

    No idea but he needs sleep!

    Holy $&&&. HAHA, damm, we all need to get a life, wonder what kind of life she has in bed all day then?
  22. qman

    Vitek camera IR problems

    VITEK won't get a penny of my business. There is a lot in this industry that I have found out in the last few weeks, and one of them is how VITEK owner's (2) screwed a distinguished member on this forum out of his business. Trust me, If was allowed to tell the story, I don't think that anyone with any self respect would give that company any business.
  23. qman


    Thanks for all the suggestions, I have come up with 2 options. I'm not using wireless since the whole damm thing is metal, and it's an apartent building. The elevator people said to me "hell no", that they won't comein and help out with the wiring. What I think that I am going to do is either use direct burial grade CAT5 with balums, and power the cams localy on the elevators, or use RG59, and ziptie into the cable that goes up and down the elevator. Thanks for all the suggestion.
  24. qman

    any help?

    The Sanyo 5016 Cheeta is also a great unit that you could look at. It comes with a CDRW and anywhere from 80-600GB hard disk space. I use them in many many jobsites and have never had any problems, just more business.q